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  • Fables and Fibs

    published December 26, 2000

    Taking its place as the Raise the Red Lantern of the new, manifold Korean film outbreak, Im Kwon Taek's Chunhyang is poised on the... More >>

  • Mensch Warmers

    published December 19, 2000

    Another midlife-crisis seizure courtesy of the spawning tribe of teary-eyed, silk-suited daddies who occupy the hills of Santa Monica, Brett... More >>

  • Frost Bites

    published December 12, 2000

    However seductive the pulp-cinematic mechanics of mountain-climbing misadventures might be, it's a genre that really has only one destination... More >>

  • In the Company of Everymen

    published December 5, 2000

    Spring Forward exemplifies what American indies—so often pie-eyed with genre hypercoolness, egomania, and fatuous ambition—should... More >>

  • Dutch Ado

    published November 28, 2000

    Complain though we might about access to international cinema, contemporary New York filmgoing can afford an awesome opportunity to participate in... More >>

  • Past Action Heroes; Insane Clone Posses

    published November 21, 2000

    Refreshingly, novelist William Boyd's The Trench doesn't gang-press WW I, virtually forgotten apocalypse that it was, into genre service or... More >>

  • Know How You Feel

    published November 7, 2000

    As Thomas Dolby used to cry, Science! Books and TV shows exploring scientific issues and processes proliferate on all levels, but movies... More >>

  • Pagan Energies Make Crazy Babies

    published November 7, 2000

    The farther we get from it, the clearer it seems that the Age of the Waves—the '60s and '70s, roughly demarcated—was film culture's... More >>

  • Fake It So Real

    published October 31, 2000

    Après Blair Witch le déluge. It's possible that no film has ever been ranted about and speculated upon within a year... More >>

  • Couples Therapy

    published October 31, 2000

    That John Berry's adaptation of Athol Fugard's apartheid melodrama Boesman & Lena was graced with an indulgent slot in the latest New York... More >>

  • Furtive Desires and Faustian Bargains

    published October 24, 2000

    Anything can happen when actors direct—from Robert Montgomery's sojourns into subjective weirdness to Robert Redford's flatulent... More >>

  • Weather Forecasts

    published October 17, 2000

    The sophomore edition of this underheralded film fest proves that just because we're commonly unable to hear the falling tree of new Russian... More >>

  • Pub Crawl

    published October 17, 2000

    Being damned by faint praise is the lot of most releasable ultra-indies, and Walter Foote's The Tavern is particularly... More >>

  • Luis Buñuel’s Fetish-Object Lessons

    published October 10, 2000

    Openly, serenely delighted with how our own dreams can appall us, and how close movies are to that appalling dreaminess, Luis Buñuel may... More >>

  • Prague Spring

    published October 10, 2000

    If BAM's miniseries of out-of-the-gate national work is any measure, Czech cinema is still worshiping and homaging its 35-year-old co-Slovakian... More >>

  • Dose of Reality

    published October 3, 2000

    Out of breath, dizzy with migraine frustration, and shuddering with an undeniable energy, Darren Aronofsky's torpedo-shot through Hubert Selby... More >>

  • How Do I Deal

    published September 26, 2000

    Josh Evans's The Price of Air starts out temptingly: Shot on digital video, the movie doesn't tell its story so much as toss it in the air... More >>

  • Traction Figures

    published September 19, 2000

    Something like the soapbox derby car of superhero comedies, Craig Mazin's The Specials skirts the edge of professionalism, one-upping... More >>

  • House of Paint

    published September 12, 2000

    Sharing more nowadays with Ken Russell than with his own, Franco-era filmmaking self, Carlos Saura seems to be turning into a middle-class... More >>

  • Paths of Most Resistance

    published September 5, 2000

    Cursed with a résumé free of sensational style and thematic homogeneity, Bertrand Tavernier may be among movie culture's consummate... More >>

  • Mope Operas

    published August 29, 2000

    After years of strip-mining headlines, the Hollywood action movie appears to be running red-alert low on raw materials. In Christian Duguay's... More >>

  • Missionary Positions

    published August 22, 2000

    Just the kind of rectal self-massage that only pop icons habitually allow themselves—albeit of a kinder, gentler nature, given Phish's... More >>

  • Smashing Time

    published August 15, 2000

    Having had thick, sloppy slugs of condescending bunk shot at us all summer long in Gatling-gun-like hails, we should never neglect the option to... More >>

  • Season of the Kitsch

    published August 15, 2000

    Curated by Ocularis and held at the "urban beach" as if to reconstitute the golden age of the American teenager—monster movies, make-out... More >>

  • Three Sheets in the Wind

    published August 8, 2000

    Clearly Jerry Bruckheimer thinks it is, but is this the inevitable moment for a Flashdance redux, a shake-your-money-maker urban Cinderella... More >>

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