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2006 Stories by Michael Feingold

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  • Quaint Misbehavin'

    published August 22, 2006

    Why can we not always be young," wrote Hazlitt, "and seeing The School for Scandal?" Well, maybe in his day the young were astute enough to... More >>

  • Short Attention Span

    published August 15, 2006

    Hey, at least it's short, in both senses. And it's funny. If there aren't too many major guffaws, there's a steady supply of rib-ticklers. You've... More >>

  • Balanced Diet

    published August 8, 2006

    It's doubtful that anyone would call A.R. Gurney America's greatest playwright, but he's unquestionably our most professional playwright. He's... More >>

  • Bits of Pieces

    published August 1, 2006

    The theatrical wing of this year's Lincoln Center Festival concluded with brief visits from two unsatisfactory pieces that practically summed up,... More >>

  • Infertile Ground

    published July 25, 2006

    I wish I knew who encourages plays like Rajiv Joseph’s All This Intimacy, the second entry in Second Stage’s summer "New Plays... More >>

  • Show What?

    published July 18, 2006

    Editor's note: The Obie-winning [title of show] is back by popular demand. Michael Feingold's review, reprinted below, a More >>

  • Synge, Synge, Synge

    published July 11, 2006

    I loathe festivals. Festivals are for pigs. Pour as much theater or other performing art as possible into a trough, shove the consumers' faces... More >>

  • Monstrously Uncentered

    published July 11, 2006

    George Tsypin's set for Grendel (which worked perfectly on the opera’s opening night in the Lincoln Center Festival, despite its... More >>

  • Lloyd Richards

    published July 4, 2006

    Of leaders, he was the quietest. A small, rotund, amicably soft-spoken man, Lloyd Richards, who died on his 87th birthday, June 29, of heart... More >>

  • Diction and Contradiction

    published July 4, 2006

    Like its hero, Che Guevara, José Rivera's School of the Americas is a mass of contradictions, a play that wants to be several... More >>

  • Future Bookings

    published July 4, 2006

    Editor's note: Godlight Theatre's adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 has returned to 59E59 as part of its "East to Edinburgh" series. Michael... More >>

  • Faithing the Facts

    published June 27, 2006

    The characters of Keith Bunin's new play The Busy World Is Hushed are highly articulate, educated folk, always quick with a comeback. And... More >>

  • Damped Spot

    published June 27, 2006

    It drizzled, on and off, during the first press performance of the Shakespeare in the Park Macbeth, but most of us just muttered, "Let it... More >>

  • Renovated Dolls' Houses

    published June 20, 2006

    Richard Greenberg tends to deal with moral struggles among the rich and famous; Diana Son chronicles similar conflicts among the up-and-coming.... More >>

  • God's Country Club

    published June 20, 2006

    The Oxford Movement was the 1930s equivalent of our time's neocon fundamentalism: Its mostly upper-middle-class adherents found God in their... More >>

  • The Hidden Treasure of American Acting

    published June 13, 2006

    OKay, Theater History students, today's quiz has three questions, but only one correct answer. (1) Which American actor has played leading... More >>

  • Deadly Trifling

    published June 13, 2006

    Funny about significance: Strive for it and it flies away, leaving you with a mass of trivialities on your hands. Shun it and it comes running,... More >>

  • Prussian Blues

    published June 13, 2006

    Conceiving a musical version of Frank Wedekind's 1891 tragicomedy of teenage sexuality, Frühlingserwachen, seems such an impossible... More >>

  • Unclear Physicist

    published June 6, 2006

    Half a century ago, red was the nastiest cussword in the right-wing lexicon. Today it's the symbol of right-wing voterhood. Half a century... More >>

  • Magic Unrealism

    published June 6, 2006

    Thanks to the enterprising Play Company, we can now see exactly what's wrong with the Irish style of narrated "play" as practiced by Brian Friel... More >>

  • Short-Form Filing

    published May 30, 2006

    Probably no theatrical form has had a longer or hardier life than the one-act. Even if you don't count the ancient Greek tragedies as one-acts... More >>

  • Documenting Tragedy

    published May 23, 2006

    Honorable, hardworking, and immaculately staged by its co-author PJ Paparelli, columbinus is a vivid illustration of both the virtues and... More >>

  • Broadway's Political Past

    published May 16, 2006

    Plays that confront political topics openly have always been rarer on Broadway than anywhere else in the world's theater. In mainstream American... More >>

  • On Rapp and Rape

    published May 16, 2006

    The actor-playwright Christopher Denham is currently appearing as the writer-hero of Adam Rapp's Red Light Winter. Now Rapp, who also... More >>

  • Even Bad Is Better 'Off'

    published May 9, 2006

    It was terrible, it was deadly, it was the worst. Why they chose the plays they did, why they produced and cast and directed them as they did, why... More >>

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