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  • 13 years ago

    Something Dangerous, Natacha Atlas titles her new CD. Who's she kidding? This is her least French, least Arabic, least Euro, least funky—even her least solo—session. Until now, the most incandescent soprano this side of Lisa Gerrard, Lol...

  • 14 years ago

    From the Beach Boys to Peter Brown, from Enigma to Shikhee—a Bangladeshi young woman who records, mostly solo, as "Android Lust"—the bedroom, cubicle, and closet have generated a free-roaming style of musical intimacy. In it, interior-mi...

  • 14 years ago

    The end is coming for Saddam. Right now. He knows it, his torturers know it. In the words of a new song—to be released in April—by Iraq's most famous singer, Kazim Al Sahir (his name has many spellings; he's also called Kadim Al Saher), ...

  • 14 years ago

    If you live in Salem, you either embrace Halloween full-force or endure a silent October. In the capital of witchcraft, as Salem has been since 1692, there's no other choice. Salem people wear a lot of black a lot of the time—a large Wiccan c...

  • 16 years ago

    Belgian techno, a style that sprang up in an area called Flanders that's hardly bigger than Connecticut, still survives—flourishes, even— 15 years after it began. Case in point: Lords of Acid's Farstucker, a CD dark and woozy, hard and s...

  • 17 years ago

    Twenty-one-year-old Jon Crosby, the creator of VAST, is just too damn good at what he does. Once upon a time, when there was rock 'n' roll, bad notes happened all the time; they actually enhanced the music. Crosby makes no "bad" notes. Every part ...


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