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  • Oscar to Sicko: The Moore The Merrier

    published Jan 25, 2008

    Michael Moore's Sicko has been nominated for a Best Documentary Oscar—no booing this time—so Harvey Weinstein threw a gala lunch at the Four Seasons, where he and the filmmaker fell over each ot... More >>

  • The Color Purple in the Red?

    published Jan 24, 2008

    The cast of Broadway's The Color Purple have been told the show is closing on Feburary 24, according to a poster on's allthatchat messageboard. Can an anonymous Broadway queen act... More >>

  • My Name Is Lucas, I Live on the Bottom Floor

    published Jan 24, 2008

    Porn tycoon Michael Lucas lives for water sports, I mean controversy. He's the one who, a day after rocker Dean Johnson was found dead, had his p.r. people tastefully send a photo of HIMSELF found d... More >>

  • Rent Star Lives La Vie Boheme

    published Jan 24, 2008

    Daphne Rubin-Vega at Joe's Pub, photo by Broadway World The probing and lively Theater Talk is the go-to show for Broadway buzz, with your yin-yang hosts Susan Haskins and Michael Riedel serving as ... More >>

  • Star Ledger: More About Why Heath Quit Me

    published Jan 23, 2008

    Boston Herald film writer Stephen Schaefer has written a poignant blog post about Heath's passing and has included an interview he did with the actor last November, filled with typically honest nugg... More >>

  • Bye, Heath. I Wish You Hadn't Quit Us!

    published Jan 23, 2008

    Rather than add to the chorus of media people moaning "What a brave and wondrously diverse talent trapped in a pretty boy's body," I was planning to instead quote some realer comments from posters o... More >>

  • Oscar Predictions Filled With Greed and Vengeance!

    published January 8, 2008

    Did you honestly think a silly little thing like the writers' strike would stop the Oscar nominations—or my flood of irrelevant predictions... More >>

  • A New Crisis for Britney's Sister?

    published January 1, 2008

    It's time to play catchup, kids, so get out your mitts and strap on your vomit bags. First off, did you notice that when the Jamie Lynn... More >>

  • There Will Be Gold: Oscar Predictions Come True

    published Jan 22, 2008

    Alzheimer's is a big winner is at the Oscars! I got 19 out of 25! Correctly predicted Oscar nominations, that is! The big winners? Anyone playing an assassin, a gangster, a greedy whore, a vengeance... More >>

  • Tidbits: Lindsay Lohan's Morgue Duty and More

    published Jan 22, 2008

    LiLo on the phone, flirting with death As part of her community service, Lindsay Lohan is being made to spend time in a morgue. Insert joke here. . . Alive and loving it, Rachel Maddow might get t... More >>

  • Disney and Daniel Nardicio: A Hole New World

    published Jan 22, 2008

    The nuts over at Disney want to keep that company's clean-scrubbed followers away from jizz buckets, rim queens, and other gay raunch. According to both HX and Next magazines, promoter Daniel Nardic... More >>

  • Take My Wife, Please: Nepotism and Hollywood

    published Jan 18, 2008

    Let us all gather ‘round (and bring your spouses, by the way) and praise nepotism. Last year was truly a golden age for it in Hollywood. You’ll remember that Leslie Mann (Judd Apatow’s wife) l... More >>

  • Betcha Bottom Dollar That Tomorrow . . . There'll Be Bad Musicals

    published Jan 18, 2008

    The news that a musical about Anne Frank is being produced in Spain reminded me of how ahead of the curve I was on THAT trend (along with white rap, Uggs, and fisting for dollars)! A couple of years... More >>

  • Britney Life Watch—First Installment!

    published Jan 17, 2008

    While the grisly tabloid media gathers 'round various messy starlets and holds a daily death watch on them, I'm accentuating the positive and instituting a Britney LIFE watch because that's the kind... More >>

  • Farewell to Rent and Renfro

    published Jan 16, 2008

    That toe-tapping AIDS musical, Rent, just posting a closing notice for June, having run out of tourists lining up to see singing lezzies, trannes, and PWAs. The irony doesn't escape me that this is ... More >>

  • What I Learned at Beige Last Night... Simon Cowell Has a Small Pecker?

    published Jan 16, 2008

    World Famous *BOB* photo by Cary Conover Downtown superstars the World Famous *BOB* and Dirty Martini are going on a 39-city, multi-booby tour with the controversial Sex Workers' Art Show. . . Egyp... More >>

  • No More His Eager Call, The Writing's on the Wall...

    published Jan 15, 2008

    photo from an early Sebastian by Elena Dahl Another man has gotten away. Sebastian, that, is—the Thursday night bash at the Madison, which had dwindled to much less of a gay funfest than when it s... More >>

  • Viva (Kristian) Laliberte?

    published Jan 15, 2008

    What is a Kristian Laliberte? Easy. He's the namedropping publicist likes to pop the pretensions of, though he seems nice enough, even when saying stuff like "I just talked to Tinsley!" He ... More >>

  • Oscar Wild! Predictions For This Year's Award Winners

    published Jan 15, 2008

    Just try to reject this man for Best Supporting Actor. My very next column will detail my always immaculate predictions for the Oscar nominations. (Yes, there will be nominations, even if they have ... More >>

  • The Latest Celebrity Mel-Down: Mel Brooks Hates Ben Brantley!

    published Jan 14, 2008

    Mel Gibson hates Jews, but Mel Brooks hates Ben Brantley! At a New York Times Arts & Leisure week panel last night, ironically enough, the Young Frankenstein inventor spent most of his time onstage ... More >>

  • Foster Hirsch and The Crème de la Preminger

    published Jan 14, 2008

    I'm worshiping Foster Hirsch's Otto Preminger, The Man Who Would Be King, a gorgeously researched biography of the erratic, moody, but sometimes brilliant Hollywood director who wielded a whip made ... More >>

  • Blind Item Comedy Payola Shocker: Graft Isn't Funny

    published Jan 14, 2008

    Jesus would donate to the AIDS charity For six whole weeks, a local comedy group has sent me (and I presume other press people) a getting-to-know-you gift every single day in hopes of grubbing some ... More >>

  • Tom Stoppard's Rock N' Roll: "To Be Or Not To. . . Line!"

    published Jan 11, 2008

    Last night, at the performance of Tom Stoppard's Rock 'N' Roll, Rufus Sewell went up on a line. (It's no wonder; there are so freakin' many of them.) After calling "Line!", Sewell asked the audience... More >>

  • Nightlife Update: Sebastian Is Crucified

    published Jan 11, 2008

    Sebastian photo by Elena Dahl For several months, Sebastian has been the go-to place for cute gays and a smattering of club freaks, every Thursday at the Madison. But the last few weeks, the energy ... More >>

  • Ay Dios Mio! Golden Globe's Bad Karma

    published Jan 11, 2008

    Premieres can be achingly tedious affairs where you stare at the floor as the filmmakers get up to publicly admire each others’ spunk and perspicacity. ("Thanks, Vince. You helped make Fred Claus ... More >>

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