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  • Some Like It Tony Curtis!

    published Nov 05, 2008

    Years ago, I begged the then-head of the Film Society of Lincoln Center to mount a retrospective series of the works of Tony Curtis. (Don't laugh--though SHE almost did.) Yes, Curtis had been forced... More >>

  • Congratulations, President Obama!

    published Nov 04, 2008

    You have made history and you've done so with tremendous honor and integrity. America has turned out in full force to say, "You're our hope. We'll take you up on your offer of change. We're tired of d... More >>

  • Yma Sumac YouTube Treasure!

    published Nov 04, 2008

    This week saw the passing of Yma Sumac, a Peruvian-born songstress with a multi-octave voice only Mariah Carey could hear. She was scooped up by Hollywood in the '50s and made to chirp around the An... More >>

  • The Best Late-Night Jokes of the Campaign

    published Nov 04, 2008

    I'm thrilled to distraction that this friggin' campaign is finally coming to an end, but I know a bunch of people who are devastated about it—late-night talk show hosts! This election has given th... More >>

  • Rudy and Judy Renew Their Vows--To Republicanism

    published Nov 04, 2008

    This just in from a reader: "I just voted at Hunter College and Rudy and Judy Giuliani barged in and cut in front of everybody. None of us on the Upper East Side like her because on her third wedding... More >>

  • Gossip About Pamela Anderson, Madonna, and The Facts of Life!

    published November 5, 2008

    All hail the new Chief! Whoever he is! See, I'm writing this on Monday and have no freaking idea how the election turned out, but I just want... More >>

  • Let's Say Something Horrible To Sarah Palin!

    published Nov 04, 2008

    We had baskets of fun last week with my post urging you all to say something nice to Sarah Palin, just for the gosh darned heck of it. A lot of you rallied and managed to dredge up some non-poisonou... More >>

  • Last Chance To Make Anagrams Out of 'Sarah Palin'

    published Nov 03, 2008

    Let's face it: Today, Sarah Palin is a punchline, but tomorrow, she'll be a mere footnote. So NOW is the final chance to make funny, insulting anagrams out of her illustrious name. Come on, kids, sc... More >>

  • Where Should We Tell Sarah Palin To Go?

    published Nov 03, 2008

    I know that a defeated Sarah Palin will be welcomed back to her governorship of Alaska tomorrow night--maybe--but if THEY reject her too, where should we tell the illustrious Caribou Barbie to go? I... More >>

  • New Columnist For Page Six Magazine

    published Nov 01, 2008

    Here's an advance snippet from my next column: My godson Liam McMullan--son of noted celeb photographer Patrick McMullan--is making me proud by following in my saucy foosteps. I hear he's landed a co... More >>

  • I'm a Spelling Bee S-T-A-R!

    published Oct 31, 2008

    Whenever someone asks me to do something--anything--I always say "Sure thing!" It's only later that I ask exactly what it is. And so now I find that I've involved myself in some kind of "celebrity s... More >>

  • Who Are The Most Underrated Movie Stars?

    published Oct 31, 2008

    I can answer that! Just off the top of my head... (1) Toni Collette. She always brings a deep-rooted sense of integrity to her work. Superstardom has only evaded her because she has so much range t... More >>

  • Joe The Plumber Disses McCain

    published Oct 30, 2008

    The biggest embarrassment to John McCain's campaign so far--except for the existence of Sarah Palin--happened when he shouted out to Joe The Plumber at a rally in Ohio today and was greeted by deafeni... More >>

  • Never Tell A Friend Their Lover Is Cheating On Them

    published Oct 30, 2008

    We've all been down this dank road before: You have inside information that your friend's boyfriend/girlfriend is sneaking around on them big-time. You've seen them in action or you've spotted them on... More >>

  • Mark 2009 With Hustlers!

    published Oct 30, 2008

    Yes, you can have a male escort every month--on the pages of the calendar, that is. In reality, you can have one every five minutes, for all I care. But if you simply want their pictoria... More >>

  • Why The NY Post Has It In For Olbermann

    published Oct 30, 2008

    Keith Olbermann is my pal. He booked me on his MSNBC show for years--until it became a huge hit. And now it's up to you to decide--did the show stop using me because it's a smash or is it a smash beca... More >>

  • In This Week's Column...

    published Oct 29, 2008

    Click here and get a taste of the gay guy on Ugly Betty, rising star Lady Gaga, Broadway actor Katie Holmes, new novelist Richard Belzer, and a crazy drunk who wants to do mean things to Sarah Palin... More >>

  • Never Trash Someone's Ex!

    published Oct 29, 2008

    I mean it, people. Never tell a friend that their boyfriend or girlfriend was all wrong for them, even if they swear they've just broken up with the person and never want to see them again. Going alon... More >>

  • What Will The Repubs' Final Campaign Trick Be?

    published Oct 29, 2008

    You just know that McCain--who's run a dirty, shameless little campaign--is keeping one last slime tactic up his sleeve to gain some much-needed last-minute life support. Adding fuel to that theory ... More >>

  • Chelsea Gallery Shows Quite a Piece!

    published Oct 28, 2008

    Who says art is strictly for old fussies? It can be very frothy stuff, like this Shimon Okshteyn "fiberglass with marble dust" sculpture of a man jerking off his giant tool. I caught it on a high-mi... More >>

  • Giuliani Bans Homothug Book!

    published Oct 28, 2008

    A. J. Weberman, who wrote Homothug, which dabbled in some pretty wild claims about ex Mayor Rudy Giuliani, just called to say that Rudy has had the book pulled from Amazon. "It won't be printed or d... More >>

  • Which SNL Stars Do The Best Political Impressions?

    published Oct 28, 2008

    Credit: NBC I never imagined that the most influential character in the biggest Presidential campaign in decades would be a TV comic, but Tina Fey takes the victory cake and eats it too. She's done ... More >>

  • Katie Holmes Bristles with Rage!

    published October 29, 2008

    Mark Indelicato, who plays the, um, flamboyant Justin on Ugly Betty, pranced onstage at Planet Hollywood to put his finely groomed hands in a... More >>

  • Let's Say Something Nice About Sarah Palin

    published Oct 28, 2008

    As we get ready to give her the boot back to Alaska--or to her inevitable anchor spot on QVC--let's try to say something nice about Sarah Palin. Anything nice. Come on, let's not stoop to her inhuma... More >>

  • Radar's Laid Off Staffers Still Plan To Party

    published Oct 27, 2008

    It was sad news that the "pop, politics, scandal, and style" magazine Radar went under the radar and folded last week. But let's take a half-full approach: It turns out they're not canceling their Hal... More >>

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