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  • I Have a Great New Idea For a Show!

    published Jan 06, 2010

    It would be a variation on My Fair Lady, the classic musical based on Shaw's Pygmalion, about a street urchin who's tutored and transformed into sophistication by some old fussbudget. My show would b... More >>

  • Thank God For The Boomerang Channel!

    published Jan 06, 2010

    I usually don't channel-hop past 100, but the other day I did so out of sheer boredom, and at 109 I came across Boomerang, a living museum for all the cartoons baby boomers like me grew up on. Instan... More >>

  • Oscar Winner Turned Away From Gay Beer Hall!

    published January 5, 2010

    2009 was the year of the biopsies—I mean the biopics—with auteur-driven peeks into the golden lives of Mandela, Earhart, Keats,... More >>

  • A First-Hand Report of New Year's Eve at M2

    published Jan 05, 2010

    That's a large-scale club in New York where Mariah Carey was the night's big wow-apalooza to usher in the teens (meaning the decade) with. Says the attendee, "M2 was at thrice capacity with bridge & ... More >>

  • What's With All The Wipes?

    published Jan 05, 2010

    The world has turned into one giant butt and everyone's approaching it with miles and miles of wipes. You know, Clorox Wipes or Glass Plus Wipes or Lysol Disinfecting Wipes ("kills flu virus") or an... More >>

  • Lesbian Heiress Dies Mysteriously at 30

    Lesbian Heiress Dies Mysteriously at 30

    published Jan 05, 2010

    Casey Johnson was found dead in her home yesterday, the latest starlet snuffed out in the fast lane. Casey, 30, was the daughter of New York Jets owner Woody Johnson and socialite Sale Johnson, but t... More >>

  • Ever See a Reality Show Moment That Seemed Real?

    published Jan 05, 2010

    The term "reality show" has always seemed to me to be an oxymoron, sort of like "army intelligence" or "L.A. style." Every moment of any reality show I've ever seen (except for the ones I've been on,... More >>

  • New York Is Nice Again!

    published Jan 04, 2010

    No, it's not me who's saying that, mind you. But two friends separately swung into the city recently and noticed a distinct change of tone in the air. Thanks to the economic crisis, my pals found wa... More >>

  • Brit Hume Tells Tiger Woods To Accept Christ

    published Jan 04, 2010

    I hate to even link to the Fox News Channel, so please don't play the attached video! Let me just tell you what happens on it, OK? Brit Hume, formerly a serious newsman, gives advice to Tiger Woods,... More >>

  • Read My Review of the Decade Again! Please!

    published Jan 04, 2010

    Now that we've had three whole days since the aughties ended, we can look back at the decade with a whole new wisdom and perspective. Which is all the more reason you should CLICK HERE and once again... More >>

  • The Barbra Streisand Barbie Doll: Hello, Gorgeous?

    published Jan 04, 2010

    Troll around Amazon and you'll find some amazing things--like this completely authorized Barbra Streisand Barbie doll, complete with Cleopatra eye makeup, pert sailor blouse, and saucy smirk. "Peopl... More >>

  • What's The New Celebutard?

    What's The New "Celebutard"?

    published Jan 04, 2010

    I have often been given credit for coining the term "celebutard"--in fact, it's the thing I may be best known for--but I don't think I really did coin it, if you want to know the truth. And it hurts.... More >>

  • Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin Win!

    published Jan 01, 2010

    They definitely beat RYAN SEACREST and HIS New Year's Eve coverage.KATHY was manically chatty as usual, serving Poppers jokes and telling ANDERSON her resolution was "To get you to say 'balls' more," ... More >>

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