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  • Lake City Flooded With Twangy Tropes and Torpidity

    published November 19, 2008

    Troy Garity has a rangy, lonesome-stranger body and pouchy eyes. He can boot a cigarette butt to the curb like a champ and fill a frame with... More >>

  • Stages

    published November 5, 2008

    In Stages, Dutch director Mijke de Jong's tensile family microdrama, the camera gets closer to its three main subjects than they can... More >>

  • Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie

    published October 15, 2008

    Straight outta the woolly nethers of Portsmouth, Ohio, comes Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie, Jay Delaney's infiltration of a two-man... More >>

  • The Sleek But Unwieldy Azur and Asmar

    published October 15, 2008

    With its delicate, fairy-tale bones and layer of politically conscious muscle, Azur and Asmar is a sleek and yet slightly unwieldy... More >>

  • Wong Kar Wai's Ashes of Time Gets Its Comeback

    published October 8, 2008

    Cynics make the worst romantics; they should know better, they know they should know better, and they'd die if you knew better. Forced... More >>

  • An Ode to Trailblazing Publisher Barney Rosset in Obscene

    published September 23, 2008

    Barney Rosset is a tragic hero. He says so himself at the end of Obscene, stating—by way of a colleague's parting shot—what... More >>

  • Ripple Effect: Bad Writing, Acting, and Editing

    published September 23, 2008

    Several ordinarily banal movies soldered into one amazingly bad one, Ripple Effect cannot be excused on the grounds of overweening... More >>

  • Hounddog

    published September 17, 2008

    Having lurched through a gantlet of Sundance jeers, recuts, and release delays, writer/director Deborah Kampmeier's Hounddog—at... More >>

  • Able Danger

    published September 10, 2008

    Though it knocks along with the steady heartbeat pace of a thriller and is painted in the languid, low-contrast shadows of a noir, Paul Krik's... More >>

  • Forgiveness

    published September 10, 2008

    Told with the tumbling urgency of the deeply personal, the story of Forgiveness, Udi Aloni's portrait of an American-Israeli soldier in... More >>

  • Richard Serra: Thinking On Your Feet

    published August 19, 2008

    It is happily noted in the press materials for Richard Serra: Thinking On Your Feet, Maria Anna Tappeiner's documentary about the... More >>

  • I.O.U.S.A.

    published August 19, 2008

    Both a handy election primer and a bowel-rattling cry of fiscal doom, I.O.U.S.A. is an Inconvenient Truth for the debt crisis, a... More >>

  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

    published August 5, 2008

    Resist if you dare, and for as long as you must, but even the hoariest haters eventually succumbed to the girly, cottony charms of 2005's... More >>

  • Back to Normandy

    published July 23, 2008

    Determined to cast only locals in his adaptation of Michel Foucault's I, Pierre Rivière, director René Allio combed... More >>

  • CSNY: Déjà Vu

    published July 23, 2008

    Neil Young wanted to tour the country that re-elected George W. Bush, dole out some demerits, light some fires, and maybe even sell a few... More >>

  • The Man Who Bottled Clouds

    published July 16, 2008

    Making its world premiere as part of "Premiere Brazil!", MOMA's annual showcase of current Brazilian filmmaking, The Man Who Bottled... More >>

  • Director Wayne Price's The Doorman

    published July 16, 2008

    In The Doorman, director Wayne Price uses documentary techniques, including a pitch meeting with his actual producer, to suggest that... More >>

  • La Rivière Gentille

    published July 9, 2008

    The most recent of three documentaries screening in anticipation of the career retrospective of French artist Louise Bourgeois, which comes to the... More >>

  • Achim Bornhak's Exasperating Eight Miles High

    published July 9, 2008

    Groupie Uschi ("ooh-she") Obermaier has a name that's fun to say and a youth that reads like it was even more fun to live, but Eight Miles... More >>

  • T. Sean Shannon's Harold

    published July 9, 2008

    The long stretches of dead air that, it can only be assumed, were supposed to be filled by laughter provide ample time for pondering what audience... More >>

  • Very Young Girls Shows Something Worse Than Criminal

    published July 2, 2008

    Rachel Lloyd's accent is a study in transition: Neither the chewy drawl of her native Portsmouth nor the clipped patois of her adopted... More >>

  • Beauty in Trouble: Soapy Realism

    published June 10, 2008

    The center of Beauty in Trouble, Czech director Jan Hrebejk's trying foray into soapy realism, is the kind of provincial, hard-luck lass... More >>

  • Directors' Fortnight: An Alt-Cannes

    published June 10, 2008

    The Directors' Fortnight festival originated as a kind of enfant de resistance, born as it was in the supremely French spirit of protest... More >>

  • Rebellion Gives Way in The Grocer's Son

    published June 3, 2008

    Director Eric Guirado's The Grocer's Son is a small, self-assured film that moves at its own pace, always staying one graceful step... More >>

  • RFK Must Die: Conspiracy Queries

    published June 3, 2008

    Exploring several of the inconsistencies in the official account of the 1968 assassination of Robert Kennedy without stating an alternative... More >>

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