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  • Gilberto Gil Bleats Like a Seal

    published July 2, 2008

    Gilberto Gil is many things to many people, which explains why his Nokia Theater audience scanned like a New York City census smeared across a... More >>

  • Kid Creole's Going Places

    published June 24, 2008

    "Growing up in New York, I heard calypso, Motown, James Brown, rock, Latin music, and so on," August Darnell told The New York Times in... More >>

  • The Evolution of the Silver Jews

    published June 10, 2008

    For the past 15 years, David Berman has led a creaky, cheap-sounding country-rock band called the Silver Jews. In a More >>

  • Indie-Pop Tarts Get Worldly

    published March 18, 2008

    While forerunners of the indieverse—Spoon, LCD Soundsystem, the Arcade Fire—mime pouts and wrap their skinny arms around rock like... More >>

  • Paul Simon: Diamonds on the Soles of His Shoes

    published March 4, 2008

    Paul Simon might be New York's quintessential songwriter: He was born in Jersey, he's worked with people from Queens to Ghana, and though he... More >>

  • John Darnielle's God Is Not Great

    published February 19, 2008

    John Darnielle's songs operate with the grace of a slasher movie: precise in their depiction of messy situations (and vice versa), triumphant... More >>

  • Please Ignore the Embroidered Dog Sweater

    published January 22, 2008

    A lot can be gleaned about Vampire Weekend from the fact that their most evenhanded assessment to date has come from Teen Vogue. The band... More >>

  • There Might Not Be Blood

    published January 15, 2008

    DISCUSSED The Arcade Fire Neon Bible (#5 album) "Keep the Car Running" (#11... More >>

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