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2001 Stories by Nat Hentoff

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  • Gang-Rape Capital of the World

    published December 25, 2001

    My administration will continue to speak and act for as long as the persecution and atrocities in the Sudan last. —George W.... More >>

  • Sudan: Our Terrorist Comrade

    published December 18, 2001

    There is perhaps no greater tragedy on the face of the earth today than the tragedy that is unfolding in the Sudan.... More >>

  • Getting Back Our Rights

    published December 11, 2001

    I do not believe in saying the sky is falling when it's only raining. We are, however, at a time in this nation's history when, as Republican... More >>

  • Burglars With Badges

    published December 4, 2001

    Others say, Law is our Fate; Others say, Law is our State; Others say, others say Law is no more, Law has gone away.... More >>

  • John Ashcroft v. the Constitution

    published November 27, 2001

    We're going to protect and honor the Constitution, and I don't have the authority to set it aside. If I had the authority to set it aside, this... More >>

  • Abandoning the Constitution to Military Tribunals

    published November 20, 2001

    During his terms as governor of Texas, George W. Bush made it clear that he was dangerously ignorant of the Constitution—not only denying due... More >>

  • Terrorizing the Bill of Rights

    published November 13, 2001

    Congress has overwhelmingly passed, and the president has enthusiastically signed, an anti-terrorism bill that, as the ACLU says, gives "enormous,... More >>

  • Rashomon in the Bedroom

    published November 6, 2001

    The District Attorney is a public officer. His duties are quasi-judicial in nature. His obligation is to protect not only... More >>

  • Will Morgenthau Do Justice?

    published October 30, 2001

    The primary duty of a lawyer engaged in public prosecution is not to convict but to see that justice is done. ... More >>

  • ‘A New Form of Slavery’

    published October 9, 2001

    The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees that 'in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall . . . have the assistance of counsel for... More >>

  • A Jail Like a Slave Ship

    published October 2, 2001

    People get the death penalty not for committing the worst crime but for the misfortune of having the worst lawyer. ... More >>

  • The War on the Bill of Rights

    published September 25, 2001

    The rush to push aside the Bill of Rights began on September 13, two days after the terrorist attacks. That night, the Senate swiftly attached to... More >>

  • 'Liberty Is a Fragile Thing'

    published September 18, 2001

    After the most savage random attack in history on the people of this city, can the guarantees of the Bill of Rights prevail—freedom of speech... More >>

  • WBAI = Anti-Free-Speech Radio

    published September 11, 2001

    We have no room, or we are fast developing intolerance, for individualism. It is self-destructive. So we are working hard at developing a... More >>

  • The Stem Cell Clashes

    published September 4, 2001

    There are so many question marks, and I believe further study is needed, both of adult stem cells and embryonic stem... More >>

  • Skewed Reporting From Israel

    published August 28, 2001

    Neither Palestinians nor Israelis believe they have been treated with consistent fairness and understanding in the American... More >>

  • A Great Night in Harlem

    published August 21, 2001

    Lots of people save jazz albums. But how often do you have the chance to save a jazz musician? —a musician helped by the Jazz... More >>

  • Redeeming the Democratic Party

    published July 17, 2001

    There is no mystery about the political agenda needed to redeem the stunted Democratic Party of Daschle, Lieberman, and Gore. A start on... More >>

  • Rescuing Martin Luther King Jr.

    published July 10, 2001

    Prisons have become our nation's substitute for effective public policies on crime, drugs, mental illness, housing, poverty, and... More >>

  • What’s Next for the Left?

    published July 3, 2001

    The Democrats, who always want black Americans to think that they are our best friends at election time, don't live up to their promises with... More >>

  • Who Did Kill Christ?

    published June 26, 2001

    Lenny Bruce used to tell, in his act, about a Jew who was weary not only of being called a Christ killer but of occasionally being punched in... More >>

  • ‘We Are All Targets’

    published June 19, 2001

    Silence settles on the clocks; Nursing mothers point a sly Index finger at the sky, Crimson in the setting sun; In... More >>

  • Pogrom in Tel Aviv

    published June 12, 2001

    I saw people lying on the floor. Some had no legs, no arms. —Alex Brodsky, 19, a witness at the suicide bombing in Tel... More >>

  • Chilling Free Speech on Campuses

    published June 5, 2001

    Over the past 12 years, I've been covering the contempt for free speech and a free press on many of the nation's campuses. Students—black,... More >>

  • The Americans Who Stopped My Lai

    published May 29, 2001

    In view of the conflicting accounts of Bob Kerrey's Raiders allegedly killing unarmed civilians in Vietnam, CBS News' 60 Minutes... More >>

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