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  • Trail of Torture Tapes

    published December 18, 2007

    You don't have to be a law student to know that in 2005, when the CIA destroyed hundreds of hours of videotapes of "coercive interrogations" in... More >>

  • Confronting Joe McCarthy, Then and Now

    published December 11, 2007

    One of the rewards of being a reporter is getting to know people you'd normally not be able to meet. And sometimes, after writing stories on them,... More >>

  • This Bloodbath Brought To You By . . .

    published December 4, 2007

    During the 1930s, when I was a kid, I read that some big-time American companies were actually doing business with Hitler. I asked my... More >>

  • U.N. Fails Darfur Again

    published November 27, 2007

    Consider this a battle plan—which includes intersecting campaigns under way here and abroad—to rescue the survivors of this century's... More >>

  • It's Only Black Muslims

    published November 20, 2007

    If you haven't been thinking about Darfur lately—which would come as no surprise, given that the newspapers and television news shows are... More >>

  • Congress and the Disappeared

    published November 13, 2007

    Human-rights history was made on February 7 of this year when, in Paris, 57 nations signed an unprecedented new international treaty prohibiting... More >>

  • How We Delight Our Enemies

    published November 6, 2007

    The terrorists were targeting us, George W. Bush asserted after 9/11, because "they hate our freedoms." Within just a few years, however, those... More >>

  • Remembering Fred W. McDarrah, 1926–2007

    published November 6, 2007

    For many years, Fred W. McDarrah was a key and vivid element that differentiated the Voice from other publications. Often, when I'd call... More >>

  • Bush's Man Mukasey

    published October 30, 2007

    As I noted last week, at last there's a growing rebellion in the lower federal courts against the president's claim that he must be the sole... More >>

  • When Judges Attack!

    published October 23, 2007

    Since 9/11, the president and his advisers have aggressively capitalized on Americans' fear of additional terrorist attacks by insisting that our... More >>

  • The Gestapo Inheritance

    published October 16, 2007

    Soon after real-time terror hit home, the president gave the CIA authority to interrogate suspected terrorists in its secret prisons, wholly... More >>

  • Lee Bollinger's Triumph

    published October 2, 2007

    With his achievements including the execution of women for alleged adultery, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's recent visit to Columbia University... More >>

  • Protecting Police Against Complaints

    published September 25, 2007

    New York's Civilian Complaint Review Board has a new executive director, Joan Thompson, who will hear plenty of complaints—particularly from... More >>

  • Rudy Redux

    published September 18, 2007

    It's not a groundswell yet, but there are growing signs of an eventual campaign to anoint Police Commissioner Ray Kelly as the successor to... More >>

  • The President's Last Stand

    published September 11, 2007

    On January 20, 2009, when the next President of the United States swears to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution," will he or she... More >>

  • We're All Suspects

    published September 4, 2007

    On October 11, 2001, the Senate was about to vote on the USA Patriot Act. Democratic majority leader Tom Daschle hastily called a caucus of his... More >>

  • The Constitution of a Jazzman

    published August 28, 2007

    Early one morning years ago, I was at the Blues Alley jazz club in Washington, D.C., to do a television interview with Max Roach. As always, I was... More >>

  • History Will Not Absolve Us

    published August 21, 2007

    If and when there's the equivalent of an international Nuremberg trial for the American perpetrators of crimes against humanity in... More >>

  • Bush to CIA: 'Leave No Marks'

    published August 14, 2007

    On July 20, George W. Bush issued an executive order authorizing the CIA to use "enhanced" techniques (as the president likes to call them) in its... More >>

  • Darfur Betrayed

    published August 7, 2007

    On August 1, Agence France Press in Paris reflected the international acclaim for a unanimous United Nations Security Council resolution aimed at... More >>

  • 'There Is No Law Here'

    published July 10, 2007

    When military lawyer Lt. Commander Charlie Swift was assigned by the Pentagon in 2003 to defend terror suspect and Guantánamo prisoner... More >>

  • Architect of Torture

    published July 3, 2007

    The rush of attention on June 26, when the CIA released 700 pages of what it internally calls its "crown jewels" detailing lawless acts —many... More >>

  • The Mayor and His Shock Troops

    published June 26, 2007

    Just as the principal of a school is ultimately responsible for the students' success and failure, so Michael Bloomberg is accountable for what... More >>

  • Schoolyard Bullies

    published June 19, 2007

    In a recent Daily News op-ed, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly defended the NYPD's increasingly active presence in the city's public... More >>

  • The CIA's No-Questions-Asked Travel Agent

    published June 12, 2007

    CIA director Michael Hayden, defending the practice of sending terrorism suspects to countries that interrogate by torture via secret... More >>

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