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  • Roe for the Holidays

    published December 27, 2005

    In a supermarket, the express lanes are devoted to shoppers purchasing ten items or less. At More >>

  • Sneaker Envy

    published December 27, 2005

    The day after Christmas, I witnessed a sad sight at a Foot Locker store downtown. An immaculately turned-out young man in baggy jeans, several... More >>

  • When Opportunity Strikes

    published December 20, 2005

    By noon on day one of the first transit strike this city has seen in a quarter century, New Yorkers had taken to the Internet to find out the... More >>

  • Schlepping to a New You

    published December 20, 2005

    In times of great struggle and hardship, we like to focus on any possible positive side-effects, especially those that appeal to our vanity. Now... More >>

  • Among the Bagmen

    published December 13, 2005

    It's Saturday afternoon and I'm standing on the crowded corner of 28th and Broadway, waiting for a guy called "Dirt." When he shows up, he... More >>

  • Coffee Abuse

    published December 13, 2005

    I've only tasted hazlenut coffee by accident. America's flavored coffee movement, which initially seemed like a fad that would quickly disappear,... More >>

  • Cheap Cashmere for Boring Fatties

    published December 6, 2005

    When you think of Japanese fashion, the image that comes to mind is probably more Rainbow Bright or deconstructed future-wear than an off-white... More >>

  • Basket Case

    published December 6, 2005

    Any minute now, millions of holiday gift baskets, with their waxy cheeses and gathered cellophane, will start arriving at millions of homes, to... More >>

  • The Other, Other Chinatown

    published November 29, 2005

    The website "Vacations Made Easy" makes the following case for a visit to Sunset Park, home to... More >>

  • The Lion, the Witch, But Above All, the Wardrobe

    published November 29, 2005

    Pop culture philosophers have posited many theories on what's behind the contemporary appeal of magic and fantasy, which account for some of the... More >>

  • Cold Turkey

    published November 22, 2005

    During the '80s, my mother and uncle divided the holiday responsibilities. This meant that every other Thanksgiving, his wife took on the great... More >>

  • Cracking the Code

    published November 15, 2005

    Last week, I subjected myself to the APC overstock sale in Williamsburg. Though... More >>

  • Hey, Nice Drainpipes!

    published November 8, 2005

    Despite endless magazine spreads telling women what silhouettes they should wear to flatter a particular body shape (are you "bottom-heavy",... More >>

  • Pizza Party

    published November 8, 2005

    New Yorkers know to plan ahead when they get a craving for Lombardi's pizza. The... More >>

  • McDonald's Spills Its Guts

    published November 1, 2005

    At McDonald's, ordering a Big Mac without the special sauce "saves" ten grams of fat. A Double Quarter Pounder (ie: a half pounder), the... More >>

  • Missoni Treasures in Bay Ridge

    published November 1, 2005

    Century 21 is many things to many people, but under wraps it is not. The discount wonderland's motto, "New York's Best Kept Secret" may have been... More >>

  • Yuzu Juice for the Rest of Us

    published October 25, 2005

    A generation ago, the great challenge in recreating restaurant food at home was acquiring the kinds of ingredients available to three-star chefs.... More >>

  • Dining Like Sardines

    published October 18, 2005

    Among the many talents required of a good restaurant host—rare qualities like troubleshooting, maintaining grace under fire, and unfailing... More >>

  • Treats, not Tricks

    published October 18, 2005

    If there's one lesson to learn in college, it's that nothing brings out a person's inner asshole like a costume. Alcohol may unhinge our... More >>

  • Restrictive Diets Unite

    published October 11, 2005

    Veggie burgers, smart dogs, tofurkey, and all the other meatless wonders on menus and in markets are no longer novelties. But not all New Yorkers... More >>

  • March of the Penguins

    published October 11, 2005

    Once again, H&M strikes genius. The company has declared itself the boss of men,... More >>

  • Exquisite Equinox

    published October 4, 2005

    Grown-ass men and women have recently been spotted walking around the city with dark purple stains extending from the corners of their mouths.... More >>

  • These Boots Were Made for Bird Feet

    published October 4, 2005

    Chances are your feet are at least a half size bigger than your mother's. According to an informal survey of her customers, Edith Machinist, of... More >>

  • Death Becomes Her

    published September 27, 2005

    You may have heard the news by now: Goth is in for fall. It's so huge, in fact, that even perpetually cheery teen magazines are trying to embrace... More >>

  • October Feast

    published September 27, 2005

    The first Oktoberfest, in 1810, ran appropriately from October 12 through 17. But nowadays, it's more like Septemberfest—the dates were... More >>

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