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1999 Stories by Norah Vincent

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  • A Real Man

    published November 16, 1999

    When you consider what happened to the now famous transsexual Brandon Teena in Nebraska in 1993, you begin to appreciate how much courage it takes... More >>

  • Sorel's Way

    published September 14, 1999

    Barbara Sorel lived a lonely, thwarted, marginal life. As she always used to tell her few friends, who knew her only as Sorel, she was everything... More >>

  • Confronting the Pride Divide

    published August 31, 1999

    Last Saturday evening at Midtown's Roosevelt Hotel, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani gave the keynote address at the annual leadership conference of the Log... More >>

  • B Is For Bistro

    published August 10, 1999

    Four years ago the NYPD rolled a tank onto Avenue B to squelch the squatters' uprising on East 13th Street. Today it's not uncommon to see a... More >>

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