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1999 Stories by Paul Lukas

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  • Head Games

    published December 28, 1999

    The football world is so busy with the usual complaints—parity, showboating, blah blah blah—that the game's biggest missed opportunity... More >>

  • Style Guide

    published December 7, 1999

    As NFL players have become obsessed with minimizing the amount of cloth their opponents can grab onto, Uni Watch has noticed jersey sleeves... More >>

  • Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

    published November 2, 1999

    With hockey season now in full swing, Uni Watch's fancy turns to the ice, where it's extremely tempting to ridicule the unsightly "NHL 2000"... More >>

  • It's Gotta Be The Shoes

    published October 5, 1999

    Uni Watch, obsessing lately over football footwear, is struck by the following thought: If 1970s punt- returning star Billy "White Shoes" Johnson... More >>

  • Tip o' the Cap

    published August 31, 1999

    Far be it from Uni Watch to discourage anyone from writing anything by hand in this keyboard-driven age, but the trend of ballplayers putting... More >>

  • The Future Is Now

    published August 3, 1999

    Predicting how the future will look is always a dicey proposition (remember those old "World of Tomorrow" exhibitions, which said that by now we'd... More >>

  • Nothing Up My Sleeve

    published July 6, 1999

    Most recent uniform developments have clearly been for the worse (can someone please explain why the Texas Rangers have an alternate shoe color?),... More >>

  • Men's Wear Daily

    published May 25, 1999

    Time was when a baseball team's uniform was, y'know, uniform, staying relatively constant for years at a clip. But now, thanks to the huge... More >>

Archives: 2015 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999