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1998 Stories by Peter Noel

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  • 'Freddy's Not Dead'

    published December 29, 1998

    Morris Powell, the black activist some say was the mastermind behind the boycott that sparked the firebombing and mass murder-suicide at Freddy's... More >>

  • We're Saving Our Own Lives

    published December 22, 1998

    Black alternative health-care activists will gather this weekend in Harlem for a contentious conference on AIDS and other infectious diseases that... More >>

  • The Killing of Kenneth Banks

    published December 15, 1998

    Madison Avenue between 124th and 126th streets is part of "the new, new Harlem Renaissance." The avenue cuts a wide swath across 125th Street,... More >>

  • 'Homicide By Cop'

    published December 8, 1998

    Like most blacks in New York City, A.B. Bannerman had accepted the argument that his sons were more likely to be brutalized or killed by white... More >>

  • Revenge of the Mad Rappers

    published December 1, 1998

    Hip hop journalists, under fire by rappers for portraying them as arrogant, real-life hoods and scantily clad gangsta bitches, braced for a new... More >>

  • Soul on Ice

    published November 24, 1998

    Ten days before he died, Kwame Ture, the thundermouth '60s black power advocate, repeated accusations that for 32 years "U.S. imperialism [had... More >>

  • The Sins of Reverend Calvin Butts

    published October 27, 1998

    A howling wind kicked up dust and litter in the plaza of the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building in Harlem, where a covey of community... More >>

  • Brutal Force

    published October 20, 1998

    The stoic attendant at Brooklyn's Kings County Hospital morgue did not have all the answers to the questions Carmen Torres lobbed at him as she... More >>

  • The Hunt for Khallid Abdul Muhammad

    published October 13, 1998

    As we prepare to close out this rally, we want you to be steadfast. Look these bastards in the eyes, and if anyone attacks you, already decide... More >>

  • At Each Other's Throats

    published October 6, 1998

    Sensing discontent about his ill-timed call for the arrest of Khallid Abdul Muhammad for allegedly inciting teenagers to riot and kill cops at the... More >>

  • Ex-Louima Lawyers Lien on 'Dream Team'

    published September 22, 1998

    The three black attorneys who trumpeted Abner Louima's cry of police brutality in the aftermath of the attack on him in Brooklyn's 70th Precinct... More >>

  • Escape from the Nation of Islam

    published September 1, 1998

    In a move that may deal a severe blow to Louis Farrakhan's image among young blacks preparing for the controversial Million Youth March in Harlem,... More >>

  • Rage Against Muhammad

    published August 25, 1998

    Amid the morbid atmosphere that overshadows the future of his Million Youth March, Khallid Abdul Muhammad may soon be branded one of the most... More >>

  • Major Scandal

    published August 18, 1998

    A top aide to Brooklyn congressman Major Owens has been the target of a six-month federal investigation into a scam in which money was alleged to... More >>

  • A Question of Murder

    published August 4, 1998

    This freshman . . . was a football player and apparently a popular student at Kilgore. He was having problems with a... More >>

  • Should Al Sharpton Apologize?

    published July 28, 1998

    His legion of white critics believe it's so easy: all Al Sharpton has to do is mount his soapbox and come clean about the lowdown, dirty,... More >>

  • Disarming Black Rage in Jasper

    published July 14, 1998

    JASPER, TEXAS — A pitiless noonday sun beat down on the heavily armed New Black Panther Party cadre, scorching screwed-tight swarthy faces,... More >>

  • Johnnie Come Lately

    published July 7, 1998

    Johnnie Cochran continues his "Journey to Justice" on a ghetto pass to New York. Some among the city's frontline black activist leadership, who 10... More >>

  • Driving While Black

    published June 9, 1998

    It is a 148-mile stretch of asphalt that some black motorists refer to as ''White Man's Pass.'' In their journeys along this dreaded roadway,... More >>

  • The Battle for Harlem

    published June 2, 1998

    A battle for the political soul of Harlem has escalated into all-out war.Carl Redding, a top aide to Reverend Al Sharpton, denounced Reverend... More >>

  • Blacks Who Won't Give Back

    published May 19, 1998

    With President Clinton's yearlong race initiative rapidly approaching its promised conclusion this summer, a black antipoverty activist wants to... More >>

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