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  • Police Brutality and Voodoo Justice

    published June 13, 2000

    A grief-stricken Marie Dorismond, clutching a black, leather-cased Bible, struggled to her feet following a rousing introduction by her adviser,... More >>

  • Taxi Widows

    published May 30, 2000

    New Yorkers watch them almost nightly on TV, empathizing with their taut, tear-stained faces. They are taxi widows, down-on-their-luck survivors... More >>

  • Is Sharpton Protecting Hillary?

    published May 23, 2000

    Given a choice between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Al "Grandpa"... More >>

  • It Ain't Easy Feeling Sorry For Rudy

    published May 16, 2000

    Don't count John Hynes among the throng of New Yorkers who dislike Mayor Rudy Giuliani, yet are rallying to his side in the wake of the disclosure... More >>

  • NYPD Storm Troopers

    published May 9, 2000

    A violent banging jolted Shameka Smith from her midday snooze. To the frightened 23-year-old onetime... More >>

  • Policing Their Own

    published April 25, 2000

    A 1996 investigation that cleared former New York Police Department chief Louis Anemone of corruption charges consisted of a 10-minute quickie... More >>

  • Africans Are Dying, Too

    published April 18, 2000

    A Brooklyn man was pronounced dead at Coney Island Hospital after he was shot once in the groin and tried to drive himself to the hospital. The... More >>

  • Attica Brother

    published April 11, 2000

    Editor's Note: In 1974, more than 1000 inmates who claimed they were tortured, beaten, and denied medical treatment after the storming of... More >>

  • If a Cop Kills My Son

    published April 4, 2000

    'It is time for thee, Lord, to work: for they have made void the law.' —Psalm 119:126 More >>

  • Absence and Malice

    published March 28, 2000

    Amid the furor over the deadly confrontational tactics of Operation Condor, high school truants may become the next target of overzealous cops... More >>

  • Portraits in Racial Profiling

    published March 14, 2000

    Nearly two hours before Amadou Diallo died of the barbaric consequences of alleged racial profiling by police, his four would-be assailants, who... More >>

  • Malcolm F’s Struggle

    published March 7, 2000

    Asked to imagine a reputed heroin pusher getting high on black rage, friends of Malcolm Ferguson will conjure up the image of him going berserk... More >>

  • Blaming the Bronx D. A.

    published February 29, 2000

    Two weeks before a racially mixed jury in Albany delivered its controversial verdict in the Amadou Diallo murder trial, some of New York City's... More >>

  • ‘Speakie Spannie?’

    published February 22, 2000

    If you are Latino, don't speak English, and call a New York Police Department precinct for help, you may be ridiculed, treated shabbily,... More >>

  • Poster-Boy Perp

    published February 15, 2000

    About three weeks into the manhunt for alleged cop shooter Lester Pearson Jr., two white detectives appeared at his father's home on a quiet block... More >>

  • Bailey Killing: Feds Clear Diallo Cop

    published February 8, 2000

    Kenneth Boss, the white police officer on trial for killing Amadou Diallo, will not face federal civil rights charges in the 1997 fatal shooting... More >>

  • 'N 2 Deep

    published February 8, 2000

    Police officer Vincent Ling was Lester Pearson's worst nightmare. On a wintry night, three days before the millennium, Ling, a 27-year-old... More >>

  • The Talented Mr. Hardy

    published February 1, 2000

    Michael Hardy and the Reverend Al Sharpton rocked back in their first-class seats on a flight to St. Louis last summer. For several weeks, Hardy,... More >>

  • Reverend Norris's Big Mouth

    published January 25, 2000

    "Get Norris on the phone!" the Reverend Al Sharpton barked as he stormed into the Harlem office of his National Action Network last Tuesday. It... More >>

  • The Rabbi's Son Is a Murder Suspect

    published January 11, 2000

    IN JACOB BLUM'S MUG SHOT, he resembles many of the young Hasidim who adhere to his ultra-Orthodox sect's strict dress code: an old-fashioned... More >>

  • Girl, Interrupted

    published January 4, 2000

    JOYCELYN CHARLES WAS SIX YEARS ahead of the January 10, 2000 deadline set by the state division of parole, which had been expecting her to... More >>

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