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2004 Stories by Rachel Kramer Bussel

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  • Threesome Mania

    published December 28, 2004

    I didn't expect the Voice's holiday party to land me in the middle of two potential threesomes, but that's exactly what happened. I'd been... More >>

  • BDSM for Beginners

    published December 14, 2004

    "Do you have sex with your glasses on?" my friend Lex asked me at a party recently. I laughed before answering; I most definitely remove my specs... More >>

  • A Revolutionary Relationship

    published November 30, 2004

    I'm a little nervous when I pick up the phone to call Betty Dodson. After all, I had sex with her live-in partner, Eric, only a few weeks ago.... More >>

  • Sex-Date Surprise

    published November 16, 2004

    I rarely read about a person's private life before I go to bed with him or her, but with Eric Wilkinson, I've been briefed on his sexual m.o.... More >>

  • Straight Girls' Seduction

    published November 2, 2004

    Almost every "straight" girl I know has at least made out with another woman; often they've done more, and most of them are far from ashamed or... More >>

  • Pussy Pay Dirt

    published October 19, 2004

    When my girlfriend and I broke up, she told me she didn't feel wanted. What she meant was, she didn't feel that I desired her enough sexually.... More >>

  • Books

    published June 15, 2004

    Mention of Valerie Solanas's groundbreaking 1968 SCUM Manifesto has become code for man-hating in line with Lorena Bobbitt. Who else would... More >>

  • A Queer Oral History, Set to Corsages and 'The Lady in Red'

    published June 8, 2004

    At first glance, the prom doesn't scream "signifier of gay cultural history." It's a campy, overly ritualized high school dance, best left to the... More >>

  • The Facts of Life From a Mommy Who's Been Around the Block

    published February 3, 2004

    Mommy's Little Girl may have the naughty ring of a porn title, but in Susie Bright's experienced hands, the phrase is both a reference to... More >>

Archives: 2013 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004