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  • Meet the Boobiesexuals

    published March 21, 2006

    Ogling breasts isn't just for straight men and lesbians anymore. Moving beyond traditional labels, gay men and straight women are outing... More >>

  • Hot Sex With a Porn Director

    published March 7, 2006

    "I like it when my girlfriend dresses up like a hooker. We role-play—she wears a wig and comes to my hotel room. One time I even made her... More >>

  • Who's Paying for Your Next Date?

    published February 21, 2006

    Guy meets girl. Flirting ensues. Fast forward to their first date. The banter is flowing, along with the wine; they may even be playing footsie... More >>

  • Big Bucks for Pain Sluts

    published February 7, 2006

    Over the course of her career, Joan Kelly ( has been strung up and splashed with freezing... More >>

  • Cock Size Obsession

    published January 24, 2006

    It's a toss-up whether our culture's more obsessed with breasts or dicks, but we apply one maxim to both: the bigger, the better. While breasts... More >>

  • I'm Pro-Choice and I Fuck

    published January 10, 2006

    If you're a (hetero)sexually active woman capable of getting pregnant, your freedom is in danger. Access to abortion and birth control is... More >>

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Archives: 2013 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004