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  • Designer Drugs

    published December 21, 2011

    It's easy to ghettoize electronic dance music, and with "dubstep" becoming an increasingly loaded term, it's been amusing to watch taste-makers... More >>

  • Asher Roth

    published December 14, 2011

    Just a few years back, Philadelphia's Asher Roth was nth-gen rap's Great White Hope, a wiseacre Jewish stoner with a Gangsta Grillz co-sign, an... More >>

  • Zoo Troop Gang

    published December 14, 2011

    Perhaps you've heard of the Zoo Troop, a corps of adults who entertain children while wearing outsize anthropomorphic animal costumes. While... More >>

  • Dan Zanes

    published December 7, 2011

    When critical acclaim dries up and the other members of your indie-rock band split, there's no shame in funneling your creative pop energy into... More >>

  • Wu-Tang Clan

    published December 7, 2011

    As Staten Island's Wu-Tang Clan closes in on its 20th anniversary as a doggedly self-mythologizing rap squad, it's sobering to note that their... More >>

  • White Hills

    published November 30, 2011

    White Hills albums are kind of like Herman Cain interviews: You never know exactly what's going to happen, but you'll be glad you took the time to... More >>

  • The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

    published November 16, 2011

    Truculent, defiantly curled-lip, and raucously realized as they may be, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion LPs are no substitute for Jon Spencer Blues... More >>

  • Wiz Khalifa+Snoop Dogg

    published November 16, 2011

    One of underground metal’s most storied bands, the members of New Orleans–based sludgers Eyehategod are known for their controversial... More >>

  • G-Side

    published November 16, 2011

    Huntsville, Alabama's G-Side represent an affront to the idea that anvil-hard is the default setting for come-up rap duos. The whispered, murmured... More >>

  • Pill

    published November 9, 2011

    Despite vocal dexterity, a twangy flow, and a willingness to leapfrog onto posse cuts, Q-rating elevation has proved difficult for Pill. While the... More >>

  • Coke Bust

    published November 9, 2011

    Cramped venue + jittery crowd + Coke Bust = instant, almost viral mosh pit melee. Whether you're throwing elbows in the audience or trolling... More >>

  • 'Sneaker Pimps' w/ Kendrick Lamar+Stalley

    published November 2, 2011

    Interestingly representative of hip-hop's current pan-regional polyglot, this Stalley is. The Massillon, Ohio MC's hypnotic, acrobatic flow is all... More >>

  • Kimya Dawson

    published November 2, 2011

    Think of Kimya Dawson’s courageous-bard bravado this way: twee naiveté mixed with agit-prop napalm. The harder the former Moldy Peach... More >>

  • Korn

    published October 26, 2011

    What's that, you say? Petulant bleating, drop-D tunings, steamroller bass, and sinister album art are all long out of vogue? On forthcoming album... More >>

  • Chickenfoot

    published October 26, 2011

    Big riffs, big dicks, big chords, bigger bank accounts: that's the circa-1987 rock'n'roll fantasy Chickenfoot sells so convincingly, even if Sammy... More >>

  • Jeff Mangum

    published October 19, 2011

    While Jeff Mangum's indispensability can certainly be explained in terms of idiosyncratic sonic streams—brackish bass wraiths, effects-pedal... More >>

  • Man Forever

    published September 28, 2011

    Talk about your Iron John gone Rain Man. In his Man Forever guise, Oneida drummer Kid Millions crams the sonic frame with multitude... More >>

  • Cyndi Lauper

    published September 28, 2011

    Prior to acquitting herself as a celebrity apprentice and becoming a heroine to the LGBTQ community, Cyndi Lauper made her bones as a tomboy pop... More >>

  • Gang Gang Dance

    published September 28, 2011

    Physically, Gang Gang Dance call Manhattan home, but artistically and psychically they're gypsies, nomadic insurgents drawing from so many musical... More >>

  • The Black Eyed Peas

    published September 14, 2011

    Whatever your position on the Black Eyed Peas' steroidal post-sellout oeuvre, there's no denying that this Michael Jackson revering quartet puts... More >>

  • Youth Lagoon

    published September 14, 2011

    The songs on The Year of Hibernation, Youth Lagoon's debut, tend to open with a mawkish timidity: a clutch of nervous chords, pianos... More >>

  • The Olivia Tremor Control

    published September 7, 2011

    Beatles-indebted pop outfits—English and otherwise—are an iTunes dollar a dozen. This is one of many reasons why so much excitement... More >>

  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

    published September 7, 2011

    In light of Michigan's storied, mounting miseries, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.'s immersive, florid pop registers as something of a non sequitur.... More >>

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