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  • European Mutilation

    published November 1, 2005

    Paula Fox, venerated novelist and children's book author, spent her youth as an involuntary nomad. Chapter titles of her 2001 memoir Borrowed... More >>

  • How Soon Is Mao? Li's Fiction Debut Is China by Way of Iowa

    published October 25, 2005

    Mr. Fong, a retired officer of the Chinese army, is doubly, paradoxically faithful: He expects to end up "resting with Marx and Engels in heaven."... More >>

  • Chess Snitch

    published October 4, 2005

    Jennifer Shahade is the strongest American-born female chess player of all time. But at 24, already a two-time U.S. Women's Chess Champion, the... More >>

  • The Birds

    published September 6, 2005

    As Hurricane Katrina revealed, these days natural disasters have plenty of human accomplices. Before Katrina flooded the Gulf Coast and the... More >>

  • The Imaginary Girlfriend: Kidder Resurrects War and Failed Novel

    published August 30, 2005

    Tweaking multiple genres, Tracy Kidder has written a war story without violence and—almost as unconventionally—a memoir free of... More >>

  • Unions With Soviets: Nameless Diarist, Forbidden Topic

    published August 9, 2005

    To the fraulein who penned this diary in the spring of 1945, polite language sounded "very prewar." The anonymous author, a professional... More >>

  • Body Politics

    published July 26, 2005

    Lest America divide too neatly into red/blue, NASCAR/latte blocs, one constituency can be counted on to muck up the dichotomy. People with... More >>

  • The Life Erotic

    published April 12, 2005

    Like clustered nerve endings on a body, pleasure quarters—those designated domains of vice and revelry—dot the globe. In the 1920s, the... More >>

  • Head Case

    published April 5, 2005

    "After eight years," Woody Allen once quipped, "I got up from the couch one day and offered my analyst a draw." These days, who has eight years?... More >>

  • Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon—Say, in 10 Episodes

    published February 22, 2005

    "I'm still worried about that bill for the doctor," 17-year-old Ann Ransom tells her boyfriend, Archie. "You should help me out." Readers might... More >>

  • More Than 'Just Say No'

    published January 4, 2005

    Seven years ago, Joseph Barczak's daily consumption of rum averaged half a gallon. Divorced and living in his parents' basement, he says, he... More >>

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