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  • Hope You Had a Merry Effing Christmas

    published December 18, 2007

    I can't even describe the sight of Dee Snider in a Santa suit to you people. It defies language. Here: Tammy Faye Baker half-disgorged by a... More >>

  • Fake-Disco Inferno

    published December 11, 2007

    The real conundrum for a hands-free rock 'n' roll frontman—no instrument to play, no ax to strum haplessly, no tambourine to bang... More >>

  • Nervous Exploding Arabs

    published December 4, 2007

    The funniest joke in A Practical Guide to Racism is deployed in the first three words, the dedication: "For the ladies." Legitimate... More >>

  • Menorah Report

    published December 4, 2007

    Yo La Tengo's music is ideal for the onset of winter: the exasperated dread when you realize the sun is setting at 2:30 and the temperature in... More >>

  • The Inescapable Allure of Grown-Man Shit

    published November 27, 2007

    Poor Jay-Z. With Kingdom Come, he sheepishly dabbled in growth, maturity, introspection, nuance, evolution: "30's the new 20" and so forth.... More >>

  • The Wholesome Thrills of Small-Town Porn

    published November 13, 2007

    There's an appealing dissonance to seeing hat-country concerts in New York City: All those we-gotta-get-outta-this-small-town anthems inspiring... More >>

  • Sincerely Yours

    published November 6, 2007

    At Ween's request, I have reconsidered David Sanborn. Reappraised the smooth-jazz titan's impressively varied résumé (David Bowie,... More >>

  • The Fey Highwayman

    published October 30, 2007

    All my friends who don't live in New York hate New York. Near as I can tell, they imagine the city as one giant, loathsome American Apparel ad, a... More >>

  • Delicious Vinyl

    published October 23, 2007

    Reading Wax Poetics, Brooklyn's glossy, reverent, visually immaculate zine dedicated to funk, soul, hip-hop, and the other obsessions of... More >>

  • Springsteen in Concert

    published October 16, 2007

    There's something so pure, so sweet, so indelible about the sight of Bruce Springsteen and Little Steven Van Zandt sharing a microphone, both... More >>

  • How to Reappear Completely

    published October 9, 2007

    It was a beautiful stunt, wildly ambitious and wildly successful, with cataclysmic import for biz hand-wringers and hype-machine prognosticators... More >>

  • Ageless Beauty

    published October 2, 2007

    My favorite Mekons song doubles as my favorite economic system: Brutish and short (if not particularly nasty), "32 Weeks" is an uncouth two-minute... More >>

  • The Charm Offensive

    published September 25, 2007

    A rock band's ability to hold an audience in thrall, to sustain attention and enthusiasm and rapture, can be measured in text messages—the... More >>

  • Van Halen Reunites—Just in Time for Their Excellent Unauthorized Bio

    published September 18, 2007

    Eddie Van Halen's son looks like Peppermint Patty. There's no getting around it. I wish things could be different. As do, presumably, fans of Van... More >>

  • The Evolution Starts Now

    published September 11, 2007

    For those afflicted with severe East Coast bias but trapped somewhere in flyover country, MTV has seen fit to unveil the Virtual Lower East Side.... More >>

  • Joyful Yetis on the Open Sea

    published August 28, 2007

    Someone is smoking pot before the Clutch show. You may find this unbelievable. Nonetheless, the scent is overpowering, wafting up from the deck of... More >>

  • The Pornographer's Vows

    published August 21, 2007

    I am fascinated by a photo from Carl Newman's wedding. I feel bad about this. It's a bit untoward and invasive—I have no context for this... More >>

  • Cred Sheet

    published August 21, 2007

    Cinematic Masterwork David Cross playing Allen Ginsberg in the imminent Bob Dylan flick I'm Not There. Somehow making the... More >>

  • Who Played Ya?

    published August 14, 2007

    Erròn Jay, a 27-year-old aspiring actor originally from Kansas City, Missouri, has one film credit to his name: a 2005 Sci-Fi Channel... More >>

  • The Disorientation of Lauryn Hill

    published August 7, 2007

    You'd have had an easier time breaking into prison than infiltrating Lauryn Hill's free show in Brooklyn last Monday night. For one thing, prisons... More >>

  • Night of the Exuberant Chuckleheads

    published July 31, 2007

    Rob: "Goin' to see the Police tomorrow! Yeahhhh!" (Intense rock gestures.) Roomful of Voice editors: "Awwww, no!... More >>

  • Stuff You Need to Know This Week to Avoid Cultural Ostracism

    published July 31, 2007

    Imminent transcendent concert experience Seriously, everyone and their mom is going to Daft Punk Thursday night. Let's... More >>

  • Muppet! at the Disco

    published July 24, 2007

    "If you wanna sex me, give it up," sings esteemed Muppets bandleader Dr. Teeth in a rare uncouth moment, a plume of smoke billowing behind him as... More >>

  • Sublime Frequencies

    published July 17, 2007

    "What, is he checking his e-mail up there?" has long been a standard jape when confronted by live electronic music, a useful insult to lob at the... More >>

  • The Show Must Go On and On and On

    published July 10, 2007

    Let's take a moment here to reminisce with Doug E. Fresh. "How many of y'all remember having a black-and-white TV set?" he inquires of a... More >>

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