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  • Looking Back at Sonic Youth and Roxy Music

    published June 3, 2008

    Subtract the sex and drugs, and life for a rock 'n' roll band—or a rock 'n' roll band's biographer—can be a brutally dull affair;... More >>

  • David Byrne: Sonic Architect

    published June 3, 2008

    "So, what do you want to know?" asks David Byrne, beaming beneath a straw fedora, as erudite and affable as ever, even with a couple busted... More >>

  • The Swell Season's Victory Lap

    published May 27, 2008

    The word Glen Hansard uses to describe the last couple years of his life is unfathomable. Fair enough. Glen's just walked onstage at... More >>

  • Andrew W.K. Parties Weird

    published May 20, 2008

    "Would anyone like to share this beer with me?" asks Andrew W.K., just another gracious and Christ-like gesture, five loaves and two fish... More >>

  • Flight of the Concords: Total Stud Muffins, Apparently

    published May 13, 2008

    It would appear that lots of women want to have sex with those dudes from Flight of the Conchords, and I can't decide if this makes them a wild... More >>

  • The Gospel According to Dolly Parton

    published May 6, 2008

    You want to know, so I'll tell you: Yes, Dolly Parton told jokes about her breasts. Several. The one explaining why Thursday night's triumphant... More >>

  • The Bloodclot Diaries

    published April 29, 2008

    We should start with the time John "Bloodclot" Joseph dressed up as a retarded, wheelchair-bound Santa Claus and scammed horrified Staten... More >>

  • Paul Simon at BAM: Will and Grace

    published April 15, 2008

    All you need to know about the history of white American rock stars dipping into the deep well of African rhythm—the awkward discomfort,... More >>

  • The New Folk Paradigm

    published April 1, 2008

    I have a pronounced weakness for product-placement foxy-librarian coffeehouse folk: the quirky, buoyant female voices that endeavor to sell us... More >>

  • Gnarls Barkley: Of Mice and Men

    published March 25, 2008

    The Bell Jar, as interpreted by Dr. Seuss. It wasn't immediately evident what Gnarls Barkley were driving at, and you'd be forgiven for... More >>

  • Michael McDonald: Mystery White Boy

    published March 11, 2008

    Michael McDonald was the Akon of the '80s. Ubiquitous, inescapable. The consummate guest star, backing vocalist, and duet partner, trading... More >>

  • SXSW Tip Sheet '08

    published March 4, 2008

    Too many bands play this thing, across too many clubs packed with way too many people eating way too much food. They also drink a great deal of... More >>

  • Yes, Dave Grohl Can Rock the Garden

    published February 26, 2008

    In arena rock, as in politics, we vote for the candidate we'd most enjoy having a beer with. This, invariably, means Dave Grohl. He is... More >>

  • The Drive-By Truckers' Worst Song, Played on the Ugliest Guitar

    published February 19, 2008

    The best song on the Drive-By Truckers' new 19-track monolith, Brighter Than Creation's Dark, will remind you why you like them; the... More >>

  • The Exhilarating Enchantments of Bad Hardcore

    published February 5, 2008

    I want to watch enraged, hyperactive young men smash wantonly into each other for my own amusement. This is an occasional impulse of mine. A... More >>

  • Bate and Switch

    published January 22, 2008

    If there were a word that got at it better than "masturbatory," I'd use it, but no, there's not, so—"masturbatory." The Mars Volta have been... More >>

  • Jay-Z vs. Jay-Z

    published January 15, 2008

    DISCUSSED Jay-Z American Gangster #18 album Kanye West Graduation #6 album More >>

  • The Pillow Fight of Her Life

    published January 8, 2008

    Kimya Dawson looks legitimately terrified. "I'm totally weirded out," she announces to a sold-out, mashed-in Sunday-afternoon crowd at Southpaw,... More >>

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