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  • Rob Staeger

    Makeup Effects are the Real Star in the Gory Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

    published July 30, 2014

    For peek-between-the-fingers moments, it's hard to top a sex scene lubricated by the revolting promise of a flesh — eating virus.... More >>

  • Rob Staeger

    Come Back to Me Is a Tired Stab at Psychological Horror

    published July 23, 2014

    Psycho has a lot to answer for: Half a century later, lazy filmmakers are still using "mommy issues" as the paper-thin motivation for... More >>


    published July 16, 2014

    The hula was developed to tell stories, conveying all the details with hand motions. Think of the tales awaiting tonight at Hula Rock, as Rebel... More >>


    published July 16, 2014

    Supernatural troubles got you down? Bergen Street Comics can introduce you to some prospective role models tonight at a dual graphic novel release... More >>


    published July 9, 2014

    Over the years, polo, cricket, and tug-of-war have all been booted from the Olympic docket, while rugby and kite-surfing are on deck for Rio. But... More >>


    published July 2, 2014

    The principle behind improv can be summed up as “Yes, and....” If a performer indicates she’s a mermaid, a mad scientist, or a... More >>


    published July 2, 2014

    America, America, they shed their clothes for thee Puritans be damned: It doesn’t take Nathaniel Hawthorne to know that libido is as... More >>


    published June 25, 2014

    One suspects Mardi Gras never made it big up here because it’s simply too cold in February to expose your face, let alone anything more... More >>


    published June 25, 2014

    Good evening, Night Vale. Station Management has requested, via unintelligible howling and finally a memo slipped under the sound booth door, that... More >>

  • Rob Staeger

    King Kirby Brings Comics' Unsung Hero to the Stage

    published June 18, 2014

    Survey the pop-culture universe, and it's clear that a significant chunk of it originated in the mind of comic-book artist Jack Kirby. Not... More >>


    published June 18, 2014

    With Halloween now the province of “sexy” Pikachus and other tarted-up cartoon characters, why shouldn’t the traditional... More >>


    published June 11, 2014

    It’s the age of mash-ups: Characters from Frozen dance to “Thriller” on YouTube, and grafting Star Wars onto Dr. Who has become... More >>

  • Rob Staeger

    Rigor Mortis Attempts to Breathe Grim Life Into Horror Genre

    published June 4, 2014

    Horror genres tend to get sillier over time as we get more comfortable with our fears. Frankenstein eventually meets Abbot and Costello.... More >>

  • Rob Staeger

    The Sacrament Restages the Jonestown Massacre with Ghoulish Immediacy

    published June 4, 2014

    Restaging the 1978 Jonestown massacre for a present-day suspense movie is by most definitions tasteless, although The Sacrament infuses... More >>

  • D’OH! OR DIE

    published June 4, 2014

    “Maggie is the silent type; she’s the one who pulled the trigger.” So says Luke Ski’s novelty tune, “88 Lines About... More >>

  • Rob Staeger

    Feudal Revenge Drama Age of Uprising Favors Reflection Over Violence

    published May 28, 2014

    With a premise like Rob Roy and a title like a video game, one might expect Arnaud des Pallières's Age of Uprising: The Legend... More >>


    published May 28, 2014

    Among other treats, gastro-theater Nitehawk Cinema mixes up a rummy cocktail called The Driver. It’s named after a Ryan Gosling role (guess... More >>


    published May 21, 2014

    The “Goldilocks zone” is the fanciful term astronomers have adopted for the area around a star that’s not too hot, and not too... More >>


    published May 14, 2014

    Andy Warhol’s initial image of what came to be The Chelsea Girls was a cartoon on a napkin of a divided movie screen, with a B... More >>


    published May 7, 2014

    Proto-punks, post-hippies, deadheads, druggies, and hungry folks of every stripe populate Mimi Pond’s new graphic novel memoir, Over... More >>


    published April 30, 2014

    Hooray for Captain Spaulding, Rufus T. Firefly, and the rest! Today kicks off Marxfest, a month-long celebration of all things Marx Brothers.... More >>


    published April 16, 2014

    No less a talent than the late master fantasy artist Frank Frazetta called Jeffrey Catherine Jones “our greatest living painter.” As... More >>

  • Rob Staeger

    Found-Footage Horror Flick Happy Camp Demands You Not Think About It Too Much

    published April 2, 2014

    Found-footage horror flick Happy Camp demands you not think about it too much. For example, everyone in it remembers little... More >>


    published April 2, 2014

    The intersection of geekdom and libido has long been underestimated, but it’s our understanding that great imagination and great sex go hand... More >>

  • Rob Staeger

    In Fear Traffics in Tension

    published March 5, 2014

    Haunted houses may scare kids, but adults have simpler fears. Lucy and Tom, for example, are lost. A tentative couple on their first weekend... More >>

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