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  • 6 years ago | Interviews

    A puckering wit and more than 20,000 followers - those are the only facts we know about the Twitter account @Discographies, where the author summarizes the entire catalogue of a renowned singer or band in 140 characters or fewer. Enlivening a less...

  • 8 years ago

    At the start, there's a two-minute ovation just for her posture. Grace Jones is a former model—though we're all a model of something, aren't we?—and the fashion-daft crowd at the Hammerstein Showroom Ballroom celebrates her for maintai...

  • 13 years ago

    With their tweed coats, reading glasses, and hip-length braids, the wizards honored on April 27 at "New Music, New York + 25" looked like beloved humanities professors and wacky aunts. The average age of Steve Reich, Pauline Oliveros, Meredith Mon...

  • 15 years ago

    "Nobody cares like I do/What can I do?" Bryan Ferry warbles on "Goddess of Love," from the British singer's new album, Frantic. A bewitched plaint about Marilyn Monroe, the song first depicts her in familiar terms as glamorous but lonely, then add...

  • 16 years ago

    "We believe that God can be praised in any language, and any style," Lennox O. Royer, a singer, bandleader, and reverend, says with a heavy Caribbean accent and a smile. His group, the Direct Messengers Band, doesn't fit any iconic notion of black...

  • 17 years ago

    Editor's note: Ian Dury died at approximately 8:30 a.m. March 27 in London, some five years after he was first diagnosed with cancer—peacefully, surrounded by his family, and, his manager told us, with a smile on his face. Thus he beat the fo...


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