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  • 1 month ago | Music Reviews

    Around the midpoint of Magic Bullets of Madness to Uplift Grief Magnets, the shorter of the two albums Jinx Lennon released in October, comes something seasonal for the ides of January. Over spare electronics by two pals from the Liverpool band Cl...

  • 3 months ago | Books

    Reviewing Michael Chabon's 2012 Telegraph Avenue, I ventured that — having already rolled out a comic-book novel that won a Pulitzer, a police procedural that won a Hugo, a Sherlock Holmes novel, a y.a. baseball novel, and a medieval swashbuckler ...

  • 3 months ago | Country

    Ultimately, it was due to the country smash "Girl Crush" that I drove to the Boston area on October 26 to interview Lori McKenna in her natural habitat, the big unluxurious cul-de-sac house in her native Stoughton that the 47-year-old artist share...

  • 3 months ago | Donald Trump

    1. No one I know is sleeping. Writing Friday morning, I've been at around four hours a night since Tuesday, and was pretty anxious Monday night too — her late Michigan visit worried me. I know I took half a Klonopin — the second of my life — one n...

  • 4 months ago | Essay

    Let me start by saying something crucial that may surprise you. I LIKE Hillary Clinton. At her Manhattan headquarters there's a wall where her worker bees leave multicolored love notes. Written in my native lead pencil, my contribution is quieter:...

  • 11 years ago

    Pick Hits Todd Snider The Devil You Know New Door In 2004—18 years after he started playing his songs in bars for a living, 10 years after he signed with Jimmy Buffett, a year after he nailed a live best-of for John Prine, and a few months af...


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