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1998 Stories by Robert Christgau

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  • Consumer Guide

    published December 29, 1998

    By my stingy standards, in which it's bad form for a label to turn listeners into collectors, the reissue label of the year is MCA, source of six... More >>

  • Consumer Guide

    published December 15, 1998

    Six of these 12 picks recast known compositions, and only two of the six are in the rock tradition. But I did find one medium-obscure alt band... More >>

  • Consumer Guide

    published December 1, 1998

    The records worth hating located by this annual Thanksgiving anticelebration are generally turkeys on the run, not fish in a barrel. Cynicism saps... More >>

  • The Unflashiest

    published November 17, 1998

    At 65, Willie Nelson is an icon. His headband-and-pigtails could be trademarked if it was in him to bother, and neither his IRS run-in nor his... More >>

  • Consumer Guide

    published November 3, 1998

    Hip hop is rich and unexpected enough these days to shore up a curmudgeon's faith in musical youth. Not that he sees any percentage in following... More >>

  • Nothing's Shocking

    published October 13, 1998

    My wife didn't quite know what to say as I set off for the ''Family Values'' Tour. Have a good time? Get real. Good luck? No kidding. Then I had... More >>

  • Consumer Guide

    published September 29, 1998

    In the biz, September is boom time, and you'll find several brand-new albums below, with other late-month releases certain to follow. But in my... More >>

  • Rock & Roll

    published September 15, 1998

    Although Taj Mahal is not an artist who shows up on anybody's honor roll of '60s originators, maybe he oughta. That sure was how it looked when he... More >>

  • Consumer Guide

    published August 25, 1998

    Though I'm pleased to finally figure out Memphis Minnie (skip Columbia's Hoodoo Lady), you'll find no new canon candidates in the pre-Christmas... More >>

  • Confess Nothing

    published August 18, 1998

    Although five years have passed since Liz Phair blew in from nowhere, it's still a little embarrassing to remember how bowled over we all were.... More >>

  • Consumer Guide

    published April 21, 1998

    Three genuine debut albums make the cut--and that's not counting solo spinoff Killah Priest, or Dock Boggs. Like Boggs when he hit the studio,... More >>

  • Queen of Pop

    published March 17, 1998

    Between March 1967 and July 1968, Aretha Franklin began her long stay at Atlantic Records with four classic soul albums: I Never Loved a Man... More >>

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