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2003 Stories by Robert Christgau

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  • MLK Fever

    published December 30, 2003

    Pick Hit THE WRENS The Meadowlands... More >>

  • 'The Love Chimes,' 'Better Off Dead,' All Their Nonhits!

    published December 30, 2003

    One fulcrum of Jonathan Lethem's The Fortress of Solitude, the finest rock and roll novel since (or before) The Commitments, is the... More >>

  • Who Needs Boxes?

    published December 23, 2003

    Pick Hit DE LA SOUL Timeless: The Singles Collection ... More >>

  • An Alternative Universe

    published December 9, 2003

    This ought to be indie-rock's moment. Downloading hurts indies as much as majors—given Web demographics, maybe more. But the decisive drags... More >>

  • Music

    published December 9, 2003

    The acres of Columbia's Essential series I've plowed through dishonor a great packaging concept: two-CD best-of in single-size jewel box. Every... More >>

  • Turkey Shoot 2003

    published November 25, 2003

    AFRO CELTS Seed (Real World) Another U.K. band Americans don't need—musically, we're all Afrocelts, and uilleann... More >>

  • Greatest Whatevers

    published November 11, 2003

    Pick Hit FESTIVAL IN THE DESERT (World... More >>

  • Music

    published November 4, 2003

    THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN 21 Singles 1984-1998 (Warner Bros./Rhino) Inspired by Lost in Translation, whose... More >>

  • Rousing Constituencies

    published October 21, 2003

    BJÖRK Greatest Hits Elektra Vintage cabaret stylings in her native Icelandic? Multiple live interpretations of... More >>

  • Spellbinder

    published October 7, 2003

    The big thing about Later That Day . . . is that it's a pleasure to listen to. It sounds good. Voice authoritative, flow powerful,... More >>

  • Familiar and Fabulous

    published September 30, 2003

    Aretha Franklin's 1998 album, the multi-produced A Rose Is Still a Rose, proved what it set out to prove: that alone among her soul peers... More >>

  • The Commoner Queen

    published September 23, 2003

    Let me preface the product report by noting that when I want to hear Mary I will play 1998's The Tour, just like always. Right, I call her... More >>

  • Elmore James Completism, Volumes I Through V (or VI)

    published September 23, 2003

    I always knew I loved Elmore James, but not until Rhino let Robert Palmer loose on him did I know how much—one of the great albums of the... More >>

  • Sometimes Lyrics Suffice

    published September 9, 2003

    More >>

  • Not Joshing Around

    published August 26, 2003

    This column began when I caught Josh Rouse at the Bottom Line and was struck by the fact that he wasn't Josh Rouse. Arriving midset, I'd found him... More >>

  • Parole for Mbuli

    published August 26, 2003

    Having served hard time for a bank robbery he wasn't even tried for until almost a year and a half, apartheid-fighting South African singer-poet... More >>

  • Black Elvis

    published August 5, 2003

    I note with interest that Peter Guralnick has taken over rock history's Sam Cooke concession. It's Guralnick who annotated the specially... More >>

  • Shadows in the Cave

    published July 29, 2003

    In commercial hip hop's worst moment in years, I went spelunking, and found more good stuff than expected, with more pending and plenty of... More >>

  • No Hope Radio

    published July 1, 2003

    Can we agree that the tortured expectations surrounding Hail to the Thief involve more than the artistic worth of a wacky little prog band... More >>

  • Diffusion Rools

    published June 17, 2003

    Below find several of the culture-specific exotics I catch up on when the rock bands get thin. What's new is the culture-unspecific exotics. Can... More >>

  • Eating Again

    published June 3, 2003

    April's Bunny Stomp was purgative, but it put me off my feed. In the report below I regain my appetite by digesting many of the young rock bands... More >>

  • Sustainable Romance

    published May 27, 2003

    How can Norman Rush's 1991 Mating rank among the great 20th-century novels? Let me count the ways. With all respect to Emma Bovary, Anna... More >>

  • Loser on a Roll

    published May 20, 2003

    For those keeping count, Jon Langford revealed May 8 at Galapagos that he hadn't actually released four albums in 2002 and early 2003, as I had... More >>

  • Not Hop, Stomp

    published April 22, 2003

    By popular demand and professional compulsion, it's an Easter makeup (2002 albums only) for last year's thankfully averted Turkey Shoot. In this... More >>

  • Beating as One

    published April 8, 2003

    Somehow I felt that before I could write about Yo La Tengo's terrific new Summer Sun I needed an at-home with Ira Kaplan and Georgia... More >>

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