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  • Skelos Gets Union Bigs to Meet with Dem Albany Rebels

    published Jan 05, 2009

    There is little news coming out of Albany, but the estimable Liz Benjamin notes an ominous sign for the state senate Democrats, whose hope to claim a majority in Wednesday's vote is clouded by a rebel... More >>

  • Rightbloggers: Blago, Richardson Prove Obama Corrupt, Dems Racist

    published Jan 05, 2009

    It's a rare treat when liberals and conservatives can get together, and they seem to agree that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is one awesome crook. Lefty outlets have been following the Blagoje... More >>

  • Memorial Pays Tribute to Walkers, Bikers Killed by Cars

    published Jan 04, 2009

    The New York City Street Memorial Project today conducted its 4th Annual Memorial Ride and Walk, visiting locations where pedestrian and cyclists have been killed by motor vehicles. The sites of cy... More >>

  • FDIC Sells IndyMac, Will Share Losses

    published Jan 02, 2009

    The FDIC's work on IndyMac, which it seized in July, has not been in vain! Today it announced that it will sell the troubled lender to IMB HoldCo LLC, a consortium including honchos of Paulson & Co, D... More >>

  • GOP, Feeling Left Out, May Refuse to Seat a Senator

    published Jan 02, 2009

    It's not just Democrats who get to contest a U.S. Senator. On the heels of Democratic machinations to keep Rod Blagojevich appointee Roland Burris from taking a Senate seat, Republican Senator John Co... More >>

  • Gotham Book Collection Donated to Penn

    published Jan 02, 2009

    If you miss the old Gotham Book Mart -- the historic literary mecca which nourished (both literally and figuratively) writers of varying fame from 1920 to 2007, as detailed in John K's lovely testimo... More >>

  • Housing Collapse Makes Real Estate More Affordable to Millionaires

    published Jan 02, 2009

    Brownstoner celebrates the dip in local real estate prices caused by our housing price collapse. The Park Slope brownstone that was going for $2,990,000 six months ago? Slashed to $2.8 million! And ... More >>

  • Matron Arrested for Leaving Disabled Man in Bus Overnight

    published Jan 02, 2009

    When a 22-year-old disabled man was left in a handicapped bus overnight on New Year's Eve, we thought the driver was in trouble. But the blame has fallen on Outstanding Transport's "bus matron," Lind... More >>

  • Espada Still Owes $61K+ for Violations, Says Court

    published Jan 02, 2009

    Our hero Pedro Espada, incoming state senator and linchpin of the Gang of Three blocking Malcolm Smith's dream of power, said his unpaid campaign violation fines were a "clerical error" that would be ... More >>

  • Escort Twitter Not Yet Shut Down

    published Jan 02, 2009

    Hey, that New York Escorts twitter feature we told you about last month is still in business! Its affiliates are getting cagey, though: now if you want to read the full reviews of recommended prostitu... More >>

  • Billionaires Lose Billions; Nation Blames Press

    published Jan 02, 2009

    A new poll shows that 77 percent of Americans blame the press for making the financial crisis worse. Let's do our part and celebrate the extraordinary achievement of Anil Ambani, the Times of India's ... More >>

  • Obama's 2009 Kennedy Center Honors: A Modest Proposal

    published Jan 02, 2009

    The ridiculous 2008 Kennedy Center Honors -- featuring bizarre tributes to Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, among others -- were recently televised, which gave us an idea for the next Administratio... More >>

  • 2009 Nude Calendars So Far a Disappointment

    published Jan 02, 2009

    There's still time to get your 2009 nude calendar! The Daily News offers a gallery of what look to be strictly softcore offerings at best, lacking the esoteric appeal of the Salford University and Ca... More >>

  • New Stamps: Old TV, Liberal Activist Judge, Poe, Others

    published Jan 02, 2009

    The Post Office has announced its commemorative stamps for 2009. Alaskan and Hawaiian statehood are honored, which should please Sarah Palin and Barack Obama, and four stamps depict stages in the care... More >>

  • Paterson Grants Clemency to Two

    published Jan 02, 2009

    So far Governor Paterson hasn't done anything about reforming the Rockefeller drug laws that have incarcerated thousands of small-time drug offenders. But he has granted, with lengthy explanations of ... More >>

  • Garza Suspect Charged with Credit Card Theft

    published Jan 02, 2009

    A month after he was seen leaving a nightclub with Laura Garza, who has not been seen since, prime suspect/sex offender Michael Mele still hasn't been nailed for her disappearance, despite ample circu... More >>

  • Times Announces Discount Parking Ticket Fines

    published Jan 02, 2009

    We didn't know that a citizen awarded a parking ticket had any choice about how much it would cost. But today's New York Times gives city drivers news they can use: if you agree not to contest the ti... More >>

  • Still More Elections Coming Soon

    published Jan 02, 2009

    We're not done with electoral politics yet. The last round of elections left a couple of positions vacant, and special elections are pending (uncalled yet, but expected in February). When Michael Mc... More >>

  • Happy New Year

    published Jan 01, 2009

    Peter McManus', Chelsea, shortly after midnight We'd been warned that Times Square could be hit with a "Mumbai-style attack" on New Year's Eve, so only about a million people showed up. (The celebr... More >>

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