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  • Attack of the Mutant Bollworms

    published June 26, 2001

    Starting this summer, thousands of genetically modified insects could be released in Arizona. Assuming that scientists get the green light from... More >>

  • World Leaders on Dope

    published May 29, 2001

    The American drug war may yet grind on, but one by one, the troops are hiking out. Right-wingers like Jesse Ventura, Gary Johnson, Dan Quayle,... More >>

  • Dream of a Worldwide Truce

    published May 29, 2001

    On the eve of a United Nations special session on drugs, an international roster of luminaries signed a letter, penned by members of the... More >>

  • Columbine Research Task Force

    published March 27, 2001

    It may not be pretty, but the site created by the Columbine Research Task Force reveals some of the... More >>

  • Gotcha!

    published February 20, 2001

    You just got a call that your sister is in critical condition in the hospital, so you jump in your car and hit the gas. Trouble is, the speed... More >>


    published February 20, 2001

    For the supposed newspaper of record, The New York Times screws up an awful lot. From statements that are outright wrong to embarrassing... More >>

  • Urban Legend Reference Pages

    published February 6, 2001

    Admittedly, the name Urban Legend Reference Pages doesn't sound like it promises tons o' fun, but this myth-busting site, found at More >>

  • Lethal Lasers, Alien Fossils

    published January 9, 2001

    Even with concerns about privacy on the increase, the presidential election fiasco has triggered talk of voting systems that would make Big... More >>

  • Beyond 2000 and ScienceDaily

    published January 2, 2001

    With scientific research and technological developments proceeding at light speed, staying up to snuff requires more than just catching a sci-tech... More >>

Archives: 2002 | 2001 | 2000