• @Hidden_Films
    18 March, 2017

    Caught "Who's Crazy?" @FilmLinc, great to see an 85 y/o director finally get credit! Coleman's music is the star, https://t.co/VTBqVQfAS2

  • @Hidden_Films
    7 March, 2017

    @birbigs loved "Thank God" but re: the "woman cop" man: wasn't he saying a physically smaller person put him in a headlock, which=funny?

  • @Hidden_Films
    26 February, 2017

    Very strange to see Mel Gibson so celebrated/treated with kid gloves at an #Oscars otherwise so proud to fight discrimination

  • @Hidden_Films
    27 December, 2016

    @WTFpod Hi Marc, any chance you could interview Elliott Gould (as he was on your show?) I did a bunch with him for my blog, he's fascinating

  • @Hidden_Films
    22 December, 2016

    my pleasure! @OffTheRailsDoc https://t.co/pDmtanXarX


Sam Weisberg

Sam Weisberg

Sam Weisberg has been writing film reviews/features articles for the Village Voice since 2013, and has submitted entertainment stories to Spin, L Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Screen Comment, Raw Story, and other publications. He runs a blog, Hidden Films, dedicated to tracking down and interviewing the directors of obscure movies. He plays guitar and sings a little, and has played Husker Du, Young Marble Giants and surf rock tribute shows, as well as performed with the bands Worst Case Ontario, Calotype and Giggle the Ozone.

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