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1999 Stories by Sara Sherr

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  • Wanna Love It, But I'm Getting Blown Away

    published September 21, 1999

    Sometimes when I come to New York City, I feel very Marlo Thomas (or maybe Mary Tyler Moore, but she's in a different city, so never mind). That... More >>

  • Ladies Marmalade

    published August 17, 1999

    In my hometown, Philadelphia, the best radio station to listen to in a car is Jammin' Gold (that's Jammin' Oldies for you New Yorkers). Which... More >>

  • Wet Behind Ears

    published April 6, 1999

    Hi, I am drunk and my finger hurts. I will try my best. Rock criticism is hard work, even harder for those who do it for a living because they... More >>

  • Hearts of Glass

    published February 23, 1999

    It's fine when it's all mine, it's on my wall, it's in my head: The poster on my apartment door came from Sleater-Kinney's Dig Me Out tour.... More >>

Archives: 1999