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  • Wild Scene Outside St. Marks Church

    published August 24, 2004

    The NYPD has largely tolerated Critical Mass bike rides over the last four years, going so far as to help cyclists block off intersections so the... More >>

  • Caught Between Protesters and Police

    published August 24, 2004

    On the whole, Sunday’s big march felt a bit spread out and disparate—in part because groups kept stopping to bellow and vamp outside... More >>

  • Guantanamo on the Hudson

    published August 24, 2004

    At a press conference on Wednesday morning on the West Side Highway—just opposite the warehouse detention center that activists have dubbed... More >>

  • Victory Lap

    published August 24, 2004

    Thursday night's candlelight "convergence" in Union Square to say "NO!" to Bush was a curio box of dissent: part vigil, part soap box, part... More >>

  • City May Have to Pay Protesters

    published August 24, 2004

    As of Friday afternoon, nearly all of the more than 1,800 people arrested during the Republican National Convention had been released. Now some of... More >>

  • Sleep on This

    published August 17, 2004

    So, you crash-landed in New York City with no place to lay your head. Worry not. While the Big Apple's a notoriously tight ship when it comes to... More >>

  • Stand Up and Be Counted: Marching to Defend Democracy

    published August 17, 2004

    This could be the largest protest march ever mounted against a president. Yeah, the logistics are still topsy-turvy; last week United for Peace... More >>

  • Rebel Yells

    published August 17, 2004

    Tompkins Square Park has long been synonymous with dissent, going back to the "bread riot" of 1857, when bands of unemployed dock workers torched... More >>

  • Coming to a Convention Near You: Scary Anarchist II

    published August 17, 2004

    Is it just us, or are these scary stories about anarchists plotting mayhem at the Republican convention starting to read like a preemptive hit?... More >>

  • They'll Take Manhattan

    published August 3, 2004

    Responding to signs of mutiny in the ranks of protesters, organizers with United for Peace and Justice say they will reopen the battle for the... More >>

  • No real presidents were harmed in the making of this play

    published August 3, 2004

    If you missed their sold-out run in DUMBO last year, here's a chance to catch the Imagination Liberation Front's guerrilla comedy about a pair of... More >>

  • 'The Streets Belong to Us'

    published July 27, 2004

    A group of about 20 New York City activists today announced their plans for roiling the Republican convention this month. Gathered at St.... More >>

  • Road-Tripping Against Bush

    published July 13, 2004

    Hordes of protesters are coming to New York to give the Republicans hell this summer. But the real action may be out of town—in swing... More >>

  • Partying for Your Right to Fight: Get Down and Battle Bush

    published July 13, 2004

    The Republicans are coming to town, so what better time for a party—a really big, raucous party! "There's going to be a lot of protests and... More >>

  • Blocking the Raze

    published May 25, 2004

    For five years, Gregg Singer has been seeking to capitalize on the old CHARAS/El Bohio community center on East 9th Street in the East Village,... More >>

  • Earth Angels: Eight-Hour Pageant Fetes East Village Gardens

    published May 11, 2004

    In 1991, greening enthusiast Felicia Young conceived of a day-long pageant to weave together the Lower East Side's embattled community gardens,... More >>

  • Calling All Liberals: Progressives Gather to Outflank Bush

    published May 4, 2004

    You can't open your in-box these days without being flooded with invites for book signings and forums cataloging the high crimes of the Bush... More >>

  • Yo Mama: Radical Moms Rise Up and Reclaim Mother's Day

    published April 27, 2004

    For those who believe Mother's Day should be more than a Macy's sale, check out this free festival organized by the radical chicks at MAMA... More >>

  • New York's Marijuana March is an Annual Rite of Spring

    published April 20, 2004

    Though known as a workers' holiday honoring the right to work less, May Day originated as a pagan festival celebrating the first spring planting... More >>

  • GOP's Pimp My Candidate

    published March 23, 2004

    In a measure of how aggressively the Bush campaign is courting young voters, the Republican Party rolled into New York on Thursday aboard a... More >>

  • Mixed Dissent

    published March 16, 2004

    Despite protester fears that the NYPD will seek to corral them like cattle, organizers say tens of thousands of people from across the Northeast... More >>

  • A Q&A with Robert Newman

    published March 2, 2004

    The Voice talked to Robert Newman about his anti-globalization epic, The Fountain at the Center of the World (Soft Skull, 339 pp.,... More >>

  • MoveOn Ad Competition Ushers Bush Attacks Into the Mainstream

    published January 13, 2004

    Political ads have long been the province of Beltway professionals who use polls, focus groups, and Hollywood-style production to package... More >>

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