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  • Dum Dum Girls+Crocodiles

    published December 19, 2012

    What began as a scuzzy lo-fi one-woman show run by Kristin Gundred (“Dee Dee”), expanded to a noise pop project that added textured... More >>

  • Sufjan Stevens

    published December 19, 2012

    The ultimate Renaissance man of the indie scene, Sufjan Stevens creates folk of epic symphonic proportions. Now with a pair of Christmas albums... More >>

  • The Killers+Teagan and Sara

    published December 5, 2012

    As if you haven’t heard of them, the Killers are an American rock band that mixes Britpop sensibilities with the lo-fi fuzz of early aughts... More >>

  • The Polyphonic Spree

    published December 5, 2012

    The Polyphonic Spree is anything but subtle—with 20-plus members decked out in gimmicky “uniforms” performing oversized... More >>

  • Deer Tick

    published December 5, 2012

    What began as John McCauley’s alt-country solo project emerged as the folk-meets-blues five piece, Deer Tick, in 2004. With two guitars,... More >>

  • Conor Oberst+Ian Felice

    published November 14, 2012

    From Bright Eyes and Desaparecidos to his latest work with the Mystic Valley Band, Oberst’s work has almost always been a solo vision. On... More >>

  • The Babies+Alex Bleeker and the Freaks

    published November 7, 2012

    Real Estate bassist Alex Bleeker’s solo offshoot edges closer to Neil Young–ish freewheeling folk than the surf-meets-psych-rock his... More >>

  • Andrew Jackson Jihad+Future of the Left

    published October 24, 2012

    Phoenix folk punkers Andrew Jackson Jihad tap into the bleak comedy of human existence through satirical lyrics and unapologetic Americana. DIY... More >>

  • Saint Etienne

    published October 17, 2012

    Forerunners of the '90s indie dance movement, Saint Etienne have mastered the successful synthpop algebra of saccharine vocals and sheer pop hooks... More >>

  • Crocodiles

    published September 19, 2012

    San Diego post-punk meets shoegaze band Crocodiles make a lot of noise for two people. Charles Rowell and Brandon Welchez started the band in 2008... More >>

  • Islands

    published August 29, 2012

    Indie rock band Islands came from the same masterminds behind short-lived but well-loved lo-fi punks the Unicorns. Although Islands dances between... More >>

  • 2 Skinnee J's

    published August 15, 2012

    With ironic earnestness, 2 Skinnee J's take the hip out of hip-hop, producing nerdcore raps about topics as mundane as summer barbecues and the... More >>

  • !!!+Lenny Williams

    published July 25, 2012

    Sacramento band !!! (pronounced by repeating any syllable three times, most commonly “chk chk chk”) combines house beats, slinky bass... More >>

  • College+Anoraak+Electric Youth

    published July 18, 2012

    Although he released his first album as College in 2008, David Grellier gained recognition and serious play at Spotify-DJ’d parties... More >>

  • The Babies+Night Manager+Beach Day+Daytona

    published July 18, 2012

    A product of indie incest, the Babies prove that when you add two lo-fi Brooklyn bands together, you don’t just get another Brooklyn lo-fi... More >>

  • Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra

    published June 27, 2012

    Amanda Palmer (also known as Amanda Fucking Palmer) made her career as the brash-voiced lead singer and pianist of the self-described... More >>

  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

    published June 27, 2012

    On last year’s Hysterical, these Brooklyn indie-rockers added bright synths and rhythms fit for a Killers album to their typical mix... More >>

  • Mogwai

    published June 6, 2012

    Scottish post-rockers Mogwai spin complicated instrumentals around simple guitar centers, layering reverberating arpeggios, bright synths, drum... More >>

  • Eef Barzelay

    published May 23, 2012

    Tel Aviv-born, New Jersey-bred Ifar “Eef” Barzelay is best known as the songsmith for alt-country band Clem Snide but in recent years... More >>

  • Man Man

    published May 23, 2012

    As unpredictable lyrically as they are instrumentally, Man Man will offer munchkin-esque choral squeaks one moment and pair scats about... More >>

  • The Polyphonic Spree

    published May 16, 2012

    The twenty-plus member Polyphonic Spree harness the sunshiney oversized pop of the 5th Dimension plus the glitzy gimmicks of Bowie to create... More >>

  • The Budos Band

    published May 9, 2012

    Daptone’s The Budos Band jumped on the funk revivalism bandwagon and made it their own with Ethiopian-tinged instrumentation and sixties... More >>

  • Hot Water Music

    published May 9, 2012

    Unlike other bands from the emerging early ‘90s punk scene in Gainesville, Hot Water Music offered lyrics that could’ve come from a... More >>

  • Bear in Heaven

    published April 25, 2012

    Brooklyn-based Bear in Heaven dress up krautrock’s moody prog feel with the shimmering synths and throbbing bass of club stompers. With hazy... More >>

  • Yann Tiersen

    published April 11, 2012

    It’s tempting to just list a series of adjectives when someone asks, “Who’s Yann Tiersen?” but to save time I usually... More >>

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