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  • The Fundamental Truth

    published June 22, 1999

    As the curtain descends on this Cinderella Knicks season, everybody is looking for an angle. From the immigrant cab drivers idling outside Madison... More >>

  • Point/Counterpoint

    published June 8, 1999

    Some called it divine intervention. Others preferred to leave the Lord out of it. Whatever you chalked it up to, the Knicks were looking at... More >>

  • Second String Saviors?

    published May 25, 1999

    The New Look Knicks— that fancy, fleet-footed team that seemed so destined for greatness back in early February— have finally arrived.... More >>

  • Center of Attention

    published May 18, 1999

    What a difference a play makes. For once, the Knicks didn't live or die with a last-second shot by Patrick Ewing. Instead, the... More >>

  • Building the Perfect Beast

    published April 27, 1999

    The recently demoted Ernie Grunfeld would probably be the first to say that the job of Knicks GM is a lot harder than it looks. And although it's... More >>

  • They Call Me Coach

    published April 20, 1999

    "There are two kinds of men among football coaches," says Rachael Walder, who has worked as an assistant for a number of them. "The ones who... More >>

  • Not So Spre and Easy

    published April 6, 1999

    As Latrell Sprewell burst out of nowhere to fuel an impressive third-quarter run on Sunday— before the Knicks ultimately fell to... More >>

  • The Knicks Take Pains To Maintain an Even Strain

    published March 23, 1999

    Blockbuster trades. High hopes. Disappointing results. The story line could apply as easily to the Nets as to a certain other metro-area team... More >>

  • Knicks Take the Hard Road— But to Where?

    published March 16, 1999

    If Jeff Van Gundy is going to keep his job, his Knicks are going to have to start avoiding this familiar scene, which has become an... More >>

  • Bench Coach

    published February 16, 1999

    It was a rare sight for any Knicks observer: Herb Williams, New York's perennial 12th man, was on the court, with sweat on his brow, and stepping... More >>

Archives: 1999 | 1998