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  • Jerky Cop

    published December 18, 2007

    At two seconds past 1:07 a.m. on October 10, 2005, a caller was connected to the Port Authority Police desk and said, "Yes, hi. I'm at Grove... More >>

  • Cops on Steroids

    published December 11, 2007

    Over the past 18 months, the NYPD has apparently experienced a rare epidemic in which a cluster of young, muscular cops have suffered a malady... More >>

  • NYPD's Tunnel Vision

    published December 11, 2007

    After New York City prosecutors dismissed most of the original Operation Lucky Bag arrests, it appeared that the controversial subway-sting... More >>

  • Frisk Management

    published December 4, 2007

    When NYPD cops fired 50 times and killed unarmed Sean Bell a year ago, they called it "contagious fire." When they shot and killed troubled teen... More >>

  • 22 Will Get You 15

    published November 13, 2007

    If Malik Truesdale had done the math after Queens judge Arthur Cooperman slapped him with a 15-years-to-life sentence two summers ago, he might... More >>

  • The Million-Dollar Jackpot

    published October 30, 2007

    Word started circulating in certain nefarious circles in Brooklyn in early 2006 that 40-year-old John Allen Davis was a mere shell of his former... More >>

  • Don't Say Boo

    published October 23, 2007

    The scariest people on Halloween aren't even allowed to say boo, let alone wear masks. Yes, there will be no tricks and no treats for... More >>

  • Fall Guy

    published September 25, 2007

    Bill Phillips has spent the past 32 autumns in a series of picturesque upstate towns but has never seen one leaf turn or picked a single apple.... More >>

  • The Game's Bad Rap

    published September 18, 2007

    As the Game—known as Jayceon Taylor before he got famous—was chauffeured around town last fall, rap's new "It" guy could afford to go... More >>

  • Name That Criminal

    published September 4, 2007

    Rohan Bolt was used to putting in long hours. So, on Christmas Day 1996, he spent only part of the day celebrating with his family before trudging... More >>

  • NYPD Blew It

    published August 21, 2007

    The NYPD's new deputy commissioner of training, Wilbur "Bill" Chapman, should have no trouble teaching "New York's Finest" about the pitfalls of... More >>

  • The Pooch Wins

    published July 24, 2007

    If every dog has his day, July 24 was DJ the German shepherd's—because that's when a federal jury cleared the NYPD K-9 of police-brutality... More >>

  • Reality Bites

    published July 17, 2007

    Most allegations of police brutality involve the tools of the NYPD trade—guns, night sticks, flashlights, the occasional broom handle. But a... More >>

  • NYPD Green

    published July 10, 2007

    As the contract talks between the city and the main police union have bogged down (as usual), much has been made of the NYPD's starting cop salary... More >>

  • Writing Off a Career

    published June 26, 2007

    Like a moth to the flame, former prosecutor Robert Reuland couldn't help but walk into the Barnes & Noble in Park Slope on June 21 after hearing... More >>

  • The Fudgitive

    published June 26, 2007

    A murderous drug kingpin standing before a Brooklyn federal judge and crying—Chaka Raysor was adding the last dollop of icing to a stirring... More >>

  • Gangbanger as 'Terrorist'

    published June 19, 2007

    While most prisoners at Rikers Island stay less than a year, inmate No. 2100400442 has been on ice there for 37 months, making him the jail's ... More >>

  • Where in the World is Kenny Heller?

    published June 5, 2007

    The city's most obnoxious lawyer has apparently become the most elusive. On May 21, a squad of city sheriff's officers descended on 299... More >>

  • Double Secret Probation

    published May 15, 2007

    The NYPD's RNC spying controversy can't come in from the cold just yet. Some 600 pages of previously secret police records at the center of a... More >>

  • New York's Most Obnoxious Lawyer

    published April 10, 2007

    With so many jerks working as attorneys in New York City, you'd think there would be no way to determine who's the single biggest pain in the... More >>

  • From His Big House to the Big House

    published March 27, 2007

    When Suffolk County auto-theft detective Robert Petro first saw the hulking 14,431-square-foot mansion on Long Island's Gold Coast in February... More >>

  • Cocaine Makes A Town Safer

    published March 27, 2007

    The small Michigan village of Hamburg Township owes New York City drug dealers a thank-you note. A few weeks back, John Gilbride,... More >>

  • Cop Killers

    published March 13, 2007

    Over the past two weeks, as a Queens grand jury wrestled with whether to indict the five cops who fired 50 shots into Sean Bell's car, two very... More >>

  • Day of Rage

    published February 27, 2007

    It was a late August afternoon in 2004, and as Michael Schiller backpedaled on Fulton Street filming the mostly older crowd with his... More >>

  • Kiko Was Here

    published February 20, 2007

    evening not so long ago, Oliver Siandre was sitting at a wooden... More >>

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