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  • Zebra

    published December 22, 2009

    Let's not be disrespectful and use the "blank-blank wonder" term to describe this long-standing (off the radar) workingman's hard-rock power trio... More >>

  • Danielson

    published December 15, 2009

    For Danielson fans, its been a long three-plus years since Monsieur Daniel Smith and the family set Ships a-sail. A marvelous album, it... More >>

  • The Willowz

    published December 15, 2009

    Those who miss that garage-rock revivalist sound (hello: White Stripes, Dirt Bombs, Von Bondies, the Datsuns), will assuredly find the Willowz... More >>

  • Marduk+Nachtmystium+Merrimack

    published December 15, 2009

    Back again after a tiny U.S. teaser last August, corpse-painted black metal Swedes Marduk headline this smartly-curated tour of chilly grimness.... More >>

  • A Sunny Day in Glasgow

    published December 8, 2009

    This Daniels family band of siblings (Ben, Robin, and Laura Daniels) are not to be confused with the Danielson Family, nor the Charlie Daniels... More >>

  • Do Make Say Think+the Happiness Project

    published November 24, 2009

    DMST are a Broken Social Scene-affiliated Canadian space-rock collective who, like the aforementioned, have managed to push post-rock into novel... More >>

  • Melt Banana

    published November 17, 2009

    Heralded Japanese noise rock band Melt Banana's many varied forms of shrieking cacophony are, unsurprisingly, often referred to as "experimental... More >>

  • Jack Rose+Chris Forsyth+Corridors

    published November 17, 2009

    Tonight three excellent, and predominantly acoustic-based, axe-slingers explore the intersection of the guitar and the drone. Philly-based Rose... More >>

  • 'Blackened Music Series Presents Skeletonwitch+Black Anvil'

    published November 10, 2009

    One of the pack leaders for the semi-recent neo-thrash movement, Ohio's Skeletonwitch are good 'ole hair-farming boys who tie their low-swinging... More >>

  • Alela Diane

    published November 10, 2009

    Diane is a neo-folkie singer-songwriter associated with the Nevada City, CA, scene that showcased Joanna Newsom and Marie Sioux. Her Joni... More >>

  • Wolfmother

    published November 3, 2009

    Wolfmother's rehashed Ozzy-era Sabb jams are packed with some pretty sweet hooks, but the bulk of what they do is sly garage-rock, re-tracing the... More >>

  • Mastodon+Converge+High On Fire

    published October 27, 2009

    After plunging the deep seas (and the tomes of Moby Dick) and climbing the Blood Mountain, Mastodon's most recent cosmic... More >>

  • Dysrhythmia

    published October 27, 2009

    Tech-metal nerds best saddle up in a fresh pair of Depends to prepare for the hyper-math jujitsu from this Relapse Records instrumental trio.... More >>

  • Prince Rama of Ayodhya

    published October 13, 2009

    The Rama are two gals and a guy whose third-eye-opening, cosmic love-ins mix equal parts kitschy keyboard quirk, tribal clitter-clatter folk, and... More >>

  • Kristeenyoung

    published October 6, 2009

    Kristeenyoung is the poppy, piano-driven ruckus of Kristeen Young and friends. The kind of smart and edgy songwriting found within her newest Tony... More >>

  • Tombs+Burnt By the Sun

    published September 29, 2009

    Tombs are stepping up to be one of NYC's finest extreme metal exports. The three-piece's sonic hammerings are the perfect mind-meld between... More >>

  • SubArachnoid Space

    published September 22, 2009

    Portland's SubArachnoid Space sets its gun not on "stun," but "trance." Heavy angular riffs that vibe old King Crimson and newer metalgaze outfits... More >>

  • Mono

    published September 22, 2009

    Instrumentalists Mono excel at the noodley, floaty, slow-buildup-into-kaboom! thang that other post-rock outfits such as Mogwai and Explosions in... More >>

  • Rodrigo y Gabriela

    published September 15, 2009

    This Dublin-based coed acoustic guitar duo consists of Mexican metalheads who excel at Latin-flavored classical guitar. They still proudly declare... More >>

  • The Horrors

    published September 15, 2009

    The London-based Horrors play goth-inflected, raunchy garage-rock dabbling equally from the coffers of the Damned's black-eyelinered punk and the... More >>

  • The Cult

    published September 8, 2009

    Watch as Ian Astbury, the once stand-in Mr. Mojo Risin’/Lizard King, changes himself back into the wailing sex-god for these beloved... More >>

  • Autolux

    published September 8, 2009

    For many aging indie rockers, the ultimate dream band would be like the soundtrack to a cuddle party starring Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine.... More >>

  • Dirty Three

    published September 8, 2009

    Instrumental trio Dirty Three are one of Australia's finest exporters of that stormy, orchestral, introspection thang, the kind of tension and... More >>

  • 'Show No Mercy Presents Gnaw'

    published September 1, 2009

    In that paranoid world where extreme metal intersects with extreme noise—a world where Merzbow sells brain implants in... More >>

  • Alice in Chains

    published September 1, 2009

    Besides Nirvana, the best songwriters of the grunge age were Alice in Chains; their mixing of metal and melancholy melodies with Beatles-esque... More >>

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