Sophie Weiner

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  • 6 months ago | Rock 'n' Roll

    At the Ridgewood venue Trans-Pecos, a box, inscribed with the word “Juárez," sits in the middle of the room. A demonic voice emanates from somewhere, like that of an invisible witch cursing the audience. Slowly, Raúl De Nieves, the leader of exper...

  • 1 year ago | Concert Reviews

    Better Than: Anything described as "PBR&B." Going off his music alone, one might have assumed How to Dress Well's Tom Krell was another self-absorbed white dude with a decent falsetto and too many feelings. Though he is indeed white, and has quite...

  • 1 year ago | Concert Reviews

    Better than: Listening to Reflektor. There was a moment when Arcade Fire began where I was convinced I was seeing the wrong band. Opening with the title track of their newest album Reflektor, it was hard to see the earnest accordion-playing art ki...

  • 1 year ago | Concerts

    Lit City Trax is a New York-based record label that happens to throw some of the city's best parties. Founded in 2011 by Jamie Imanian-Friedman, also known as performer J-CUSH, the label puts out a steady stream of artists pushing past the edges o...


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