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  • Twofer

    published July 13, 1999

    Even though most of John Armleder's and Sylvie Fleury's works are dated 1999, one immediately senses déjà vu, mostly because this... More >>

  • In and Out

    published May 18, 1999

    In light of teenagers who skirt their school's exterior to avoid those inside, it's difficult to cruise the corridors of Argentinean Guillermo... More >>

  • Seeing Eye

    published April 20, 1999

    No doubt, visual experiences that introduce new concepts or enhance perception— Renaissance paintings' linear perspective, pointillism's... More >>

  • Met Life

    published March 16, 1999

    Soon after I jokingly told a gallerist that artists should make their own invitations, I received a hand-cut curved card in the mail. This... More >>

  • Slugs and Fuzz

    published March 2, 1999

    If checklists weren't so eager to disclose the cache, art viewing might aptly resemble an Easter egg hunt. Boomerang (1998), Melissa... More >>

Archives: 1999