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  • Bloc Like Me

    published November 2, 2004

    Two days before the presidential election, Ingrid Holmes walked into the Greater Grant African Methodist Episcopal Church to hear John Edwards's... More >>

  • Lazy Bums

    published October 19, 2004

    CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer was discussing Game 7 of the American League Championship Series last week, when all of a sudden he had an... More >>

  • Talking Point

    published October 12, 2004

    David Corn is not at the top of Karl Rove's call list, but after each presidential debate, he's had a chance to be right in his lap. That's... More >>

  • Moderate Rock

    published October 5, 2004

    Alan Schroeder has a modest proposal for the Commission on Presidential Debates. "I think if Oprah moderated a presidential debate, the whole... More >>

  • See Bush Twitch

    published September 28, 2004

    Last night's debate on foreign policy was supposed to be President Bush's show, a chance for him to strut his stuff about the war on terror and... More >>

  • Cheney Stops News Cycle Cold

    published September 28, 2004

    Before Dick Cheney uttered one sentence in Tuesday night's vice-presidential debate, he scored an impressive victory—namely, he managed to... More >>

  • Black, White, Read

    published September 21, 2004

    For news outlets covering the conflict in Sudan, the killings, rapes, and razing of villages boils down to one factor—race. The Washington... More >>

  • Brown-Skin Lady

    published September 14, 2004

    Last spring, sales reps from Essence began spreading the news to ad agencies: The matron saint of black female self-esteem was birthing a... More >>

  • Playing Trumps

    published September 7, 2004

    Donald Trump knows the power of a name—his name. By plastering his moniker on casinos, hotels, and condos, Trump has made it a synonym for... More >>

  • The Daily Grind

    published August 31, 2004

    For four days last week, Republican delegates were bombarded with leaflets, pamphlets, and circulars. The sheer amount of paper being handed out... More >>

  • Let's Run the Tape

    published August 24, 2004

    On Sunday morning in Manhattan, a producer for the German network ZDF turned to Stefani Jackenthal, handed her a DVCPRO tape, and said, "Go."... More >>

  • Four More Years?

    published August 17, 2004

    Mother Jones's first issue of 2003 sold 29,000 copies at the newsstand—at the time, a personal best. Jay Harris, publisher of the... More >>

  • Egotistical Bastards

    published August 10, 2004

    Deep in the Broadway offices of VH1, Gabriel Alvarez and Elliott Wilson, two-fifths of the Ego Trip brain trust, are debating an issue that... More >>

  • Sex, Lies, Death

    published August 3, 2004

    If only to verify our existence, every so often media announce that the sky has fallen on black America. The latest cause célèbre... More >>

  • Helping the President Crank the Media Handle

    published August 3, 2004

    Rusty Propeller Award for Clumsiest Attempt at Spin: "We actually misnamed the war on terror,” President George Bush reportedly... More >>

  • When Music Moguls Attack

    published July 27, 2004

    When the Republican National Convention comes to town this month, Russell Simmons's Hip-Hop Summit Action Network will be hoping to shine a... More >>

  • Crouching Stanley, Hidden Gangsta

    published July 20, 2004

    I reserve the right to be a nigger. —Aaron McGruder Stanley Crouch is a gangsta rapper. Throughout his career, Crouch has... More >>

  • Puff Piece

    published July 13, 2004

    For rapper-producer–fashion mogul–Restauranteur–Broadway actor–marathon runner Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, the 2004 election is... More >>

  • Block the Vote

    published July 6, 2004

    To: Federal Election Commission From: Black Guy Re: People who should be disenfranchised I am 28 years old and I've never voted... More >>

  • Mushmouth Reconsidered

    published July 6, 2004

    In 1988, Bill Cosby elevated himself from black middle-class ambassador to bona fide Race Man. And he did it the old-fashioned way—with cold... More >>

  • A Whiter Shade of Harlem

    published June 29, 2004

    On a recent Tuesday night in Harlem, Jim Haughton stood before a worried group of 20 or so and talked old medicine for an older malady. "Nowadays... More >>

  • Cosby Rips Into Black America Again

    published June 29, 2004

    This is the season of ranting. From the left we have Fahrenheit 9/11, a heavy-handed broadside from Michael Moore, the man who put the... More >>

  • Doing It With R. Kelly

    published June 8, 2004

    R. Kelly has always been the wrong man for pillow talk. Crass and crude, a Kelly anthem is the anti-Viagra. The man has pipes on loan from God and... More >>

  • A Nation of Millions

    published June 1, 2004

    James Bernard is determined that his latest foray into political activism not end like his first. In 1984, a young Bernard volunteered for Jesse... More >>

  • Ebonics! Weird Names! $500 Shoes!

    published May 18, 2004

    I never got Fat Albert. Dumb Donald wore a lampshade for a hat, Russell dressed like a bag lady, and Bucky appeared to be the victim of a... More >>

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