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2004 Stories by Ta-Nehisi Coates

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  • An Ocean Apart

    published May 11, 2004

    When Haitian prime minister Gerard Latortue came to Manhattan last week, he had a curt message for his cousins up north—butt out. Since the... More >>

  • She Held the Leash

    published May 4, 2004

    For women in the military, Abu Ghraib is a very personal disaster—even if it shouldn't be. In an era when a gender-integrated military is... More >>

  • Brown v. Board of Education was a good thing—wasn't it?

    published May 4, 2004

    Harvard Law professor Charles J. Ogletree Jr.'s All Deliberate Speed is a meditation on how the much lauded Brown v. Board of... More >>

  • Old Enough to Vote? Old Enough to Die.

    published April 27, 2004

    For Republicans seeking to suppress comparisons between the war in Iraq and the one in Vietnam, here's a hint: The fight begins at home. Two weeks... More >>

  • A Fistful of Mighta Been

    published April 20, 2004

    They almost had Kanye West. Summer 2001 and Ali S., Rawkus's rookie a&r man, has in hand the demo that no label wants. Granted, there are... More >>

  • Jayson Blair Comes to Harlem

    published March 9, 2004

    Harlem, U.S.A., March 12—Jayson Blair has come to Harlem on this Friday evening for one reason: He thinks we can keep them... More >>

  • Black for Blue

    published February 10, 2004

    Nothing will make you go John Ashcroft quicker than looking into the speaking end of some revolver. That is, except, if your girl is looking into... More >>

  • Running From Race

    published February 3, 2004

    Primary season is usually the time when presidential candidates lay out their grand vision for the country. But this year's Democratic primaries... More >>

  • The Clinton Tease

    published January 13, 2004

    When Al Gore endorsed Howard Dean in December, he didn't just inject himself in a primary, he turned himself into a story line. According to... More >>

  • Voting Rites

    published January 6, 2004

    Washington, D.C.—Last week, when Unity '04 convened at the National Press Club in D.C., you could have carved the tension in the room... More >>

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