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2002 Stories by Tom Robbins

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  • The Double Standard

    published December 24, 2002

    If government law enforcers were half as tough on agencies like the MTA as they are on unions, two of its top officials—chairman Peter... More >>

  • Toussaint's Transit Express

    published December 17, 2002

    Three years ago, Roger Toussaint was a dissident union activist, a track worker disdained by his local's leaders, and the target of private... More >>

  • The New Long Gray Line

    published December 10, 2002

    WAR WAS THE REASON WEST POINT EXISTED. EVERYTHING ELSE WAS FILLER. —Dress Gray, by Lucian K. Truscott IV One of the jarring... More >>

  • The Other Budget Culprit

    published November 26, 2002

    The happiest man in town last week had to be Rudolph W. Giuliani, who got to announce the latest and richest deal yet for his consulting firm,... More >>

  • Pay Your Share

    published November 19, 2002

    Say this for billionaire mayor Mike Bloomberg and his long-delayed headfirst plunge last week into the city's budget maelstrom: He got the... More >>

  • Sundown on the Patronage Party

    published November 12, 2002

    By the time the Liberal Party finally bit the dust in last week's electoral drubbing, it had few friends and allies left to bemoan its demise.... More >>

  • Where Was George?

    published November 5, 2002

    All of the energy that the Carl McCall campaign never managed to muster was on display last week at a rally in the streets outside Governor... More >>

  • East Side Attack

    published October 29, 2002

    New York's nastiest political campaign this fall is taking place in its most genteel district, waged by the city's wealthiest... More >>

  • Building Public Power

    published October 22, 2002

    There is a grim day of reckoning on the horizon next year for New York's city and state budgets. It is a subject about which the... More >>

  • A Perfect Storm

    published October 15, 2002

    New York's exploding homeless crisis is being played out in dramatic fashion this month at a long-ailing housing complex in east... More >>

  • Homeless Profit-Taking

    published October 8, 2002

    Not that it ever really left, but New York's homeless crisis is back—full throttle. And so are those who always figure out how to make money... More >>

  • Cleaning Lessons for Dirty Bosses

    published September 24, 2002

    Almost always, it is a bad sign for organized labor when the mob is overheard discussing unions on government tapes. Grand juries, indictments... More >>

  • Dead Man Running

    published September 10, 2002

    You might remember the movie El Cid, where the great general is mortally wounded, so his supporters tie him on a horse and he leads the... More >>

  • Labor's Cheap Date With Pataki

    published September 3, 2002

    No matter who emerges as the winner of next week's Democratic gubernatorial primary, the party's candidate will be forced to campaign as much... More >>

  • Someone Else's Money

    published August 27, 2002

    For almost a quarter-century, Sheldon Leffler sat in the ornate chambers of the City Council as the representative of northeast Queens, raising... More >>

  • Demolition Man

    published August 20, 2002

    For nearly a year, one of the most notorious figures in the city's demolition industry has been overseeing a major municipal project on... More >>

  • Flowers and Fine Dining

    published August 13, 2002

    On June 5, 2001, in a gesture of goodwill and friendship, schools chancellor Harold O. Levy sent birthday flowers to then newly elected Board of... More >>

  • Ron Plotkin

    published August 13, 2002

    The Voice has always prided itself on being a writers' paper, a place where those with something to say can give unadulterated and often... More >>

  • Brooklyn's Judicial Loyalty Oath

    published August 6, 2002

    On January 14, a 10-year incumbent civil court judge in Brooklyn with a sterling record on the bench mailed a letter to the chairman of the panel... More >>

  • The Judge Who Said No

    published July 30, 2002

    For the first time in decades, the Brooklyn Democratic Party has renounced one of its own judges, denying endorsement to a civil court incumbent... More >>

  • Harding's Conflict of Interest

    published July 9, 2002

    Saying he wanted to set things straight right from the start, Russell Harding sat down on the day he took the reins of the City's Housing... More >>

  • Where Are the Whistle-Blowers?

    published July 2, 2002

    Within two weeks of his installation as president of the New York City Housing Development Corporation in June 1998, Russell Harding was already... More >>

  • Bloomberg's Fragile Budget

    published June 25, 2002

    Less than 24 hours after Mayor Bloomberg and City Council leaders shook hands last Wednesday night on a new city spending budget, fiscal analysts... More >>

  • The Private Lives of Russell Harding

    published June 11, 2002

    Even to those who worked with him regularly during his term as president of the city's Housing Development Corporation, Russell Harding was a... More >>

  • Real Estate 101

    published May 28, 2002

    Students and parents at a small, innovative public high school in Brooklyn's Williamsburg learned a painful lesson about real property in... More >>

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