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  • Bernie Kerik's Bad Company

    published December 14, 2004

    The allegedly mob-tied firm at the center of the storm swirling around ex-city police commissioner Bernard Kerik hired another former top Giuliani... More >>

  • The Mob's Engineers

    published December 7, 2004

    For more than 25 years there hasn't been a big construction job in this city where Tommy Maguire, leader of the Operating Engineers union, wasn't... More >>

  • Rackets Remedy

    published December 7, 2004

    Now that several of its top officials have pled guilty in a massive, mob-orchestrated no-show jobs scheme, the next stop for the city's powerful... More >>

  • Converting Red Hook

    published November 9, 2004

    Number 160 Imlay Street in Red Hook is a massive six-story concrete industrial building that sits smack alongside Brooklyn's last working... More >>

  • Voting in the Rain

    published November 2, 2004

    EAST CLEVELAND, OHIO—On Election Day in Ohio, a group of church-going people concerned with basic moral values and their nation's... More >>

  • Laborers Looted

    published October 26, 2004

    A major city construction union that rid itself of entrenched Mafia domination a decade ago is back in trouble, this time for allowing a top... More >>

  • The Soldiers Who Said No

    published October 19, 2004

    No matter how the military ultimately decides to deal with Staff Sergeant Michael Butler for disobeying orders, once the war in Iraq is through... More >>

  • Bush's Other War

    published October 12, 2004

    It has nothing to do with Iraq, terrorism, or taxes, but here's another issue right at the heart of what's at stake in next month's election:... More >>

  • Bleeding Hearts

    published October 5, 2004

    So what exactly was in those letters received by the Get-Out-of-Jail-Now board from the fans of ex-state senator Guy Velella? A review of 36... More >>

  • Taken to the Cleaners

    published October 5, 2004

    Celebrity restaurant owner Jimmy Rodriguez has dropped out of sight recently, but those looking for him might try stopping by a gritty spot in the... More >>

  • City Goes Judge Shopping

    published September 21, 2004

    There was supposed to have been a day of reckoning in Manhattan Supreme Court this week for city officials who handled the detention of hundreds... More >>

  • The Backpack Delays

    published September 21, 2004

    The man overseeing the city's arrest and detention process during the convention was NYPD deputy chief John Colgan, court papers show. Colgan has... More >>

  • Convention Detention

    published September 14, 2004

    Among those Mayor Bloomberg would have "just plead guilty" to arrest charges stemming from the Republican National Convention is Alex Pincus, 28,... More >>

  • Prison Therapy

    published September 14, 2004

    He's never been convicted of anything, but former Rudy Giuliani aide Russell Harding has already spent more than 10 months in federal prison as... More >>

  • Burning for Bush

    published September 7, 2004

    Say this about leaders of the city firefighters' union and their timely endorsement of George W. during the Republican convention: They didn't let... More >>

  • Guilty While Pedaling

    published September 7, 2004

    And the evidence of the crime for those nabbed during bike protests staged during the Republican National Convention is—what else?—the... More >>

  • Labor's Beef with Bush

    published August 31, 2004

    A few hours before Zell Miller and Dick Cheney stoked the GOP faithful at the Garden last Wednesday with red-meat attacks on the Democratic... More >>

  • A Going-Away Gift From Russell Harding

    published August 31, 2004

    Less than 24 hours after Rudy Giuliani was hailed as the toast of the Republican convention, one of his former top aides appeared in federal court... More >>

  • The Sunshine Patriots

    published August 17, 2004

    More >>

  • Turf Wars

    published August 10, 2004

    Police helicopters hovered overhead. Hundreds of thousands of protesters rallied below. Top brass kept watch from mobile command posts. More than... More >>

  • Carpenters Hammered, Again

    published August 10, 2004

    A decade ago, the city's carpenters' union pledged in federal court to clean up its act and rid itself of pervasive corruption that benefited... More >>

  • Don't Take Me to the River

    published August 3, 2004

    Successful organizing is a delicate mix of tactics and democracy, and for weeks the group seeking to turn out a massive protest on the Sunday... More >>

  • Bronx Cash Cow

    published July 27, 2004

    With high expectations and not a little pride, Congressman José Serrano three years ago handed a symbolic check of $1.3 million in federal... More >>

  • Short Fuses on 9-11

    published July 20, 2004

    If not for his untrimmed beard and knit kufi skullcap, Muhamed Pjetrovic could be standard-issue, New York blue-collar tradesman. He is short with... More >>

  • His Dear Friends

    published July 13, 2004

    More than a few local politicians had reason to cringe last week when a photo of one of the metro area's biggest campaign donors showed up on the... More >>

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