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2001 Stories by Tristan Taormino

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  • Show Me Your Pasties

    published December 18, 2001

    LOS ANGELES—The last time I was at an all-nude strip club, the featured dancer took about 10 seconds to get completely bare, then... More >>

  • Naughty Holiday Gifts

    published December 4, 2001

    Welcome to my second annual sexy holiday gift guide. I've searched far and wide to find the best things to give and get this year, designed to... More >>

  • Drag Kings Make Me Wet

    published November 20, 2001

    COLUMBUS, OHIO—There's nothing like a stuffed jockstrap to get this girl going. And I like it even better when I am not exactly sure... More >>

  • Drag Queen on My Face

    published October 23, 2001

    BOSTON—I have a love-hate relationship with drag queens. As a teenager, I spent the summer with my father in one of the gayest places... More >>

  • Ass Licker

    published October 9, 2001

    "Will you sign it to me from 'Ass Licker'?" asked a woman with an accent, as she handed me my book to autograph. I must have given her a... More >>

  • Love Won’t Tear Us Apart

    published September 25, 2001

    My partner, Red, works just blocks from the World Trade Center, and her voice was my wake-up call September 11, saying, "Honey, I can see it as... More >>

  • Leather Puppy Love

    published September 11, 2001

    Call me crazy, but after watching her declaration-of-sanity-slash-book-commercial, um, I mean, interview with Barbara Walters on... More >>

  • Queer Co-Ed Lust

    published August 28, 2001

    As the daughter of a gay man, and as a girl who likes to fuck women who look and act like gay men, I am way beyond a typical Oedipus complex.... More >>

  • Me, My Panties, and the Mayor

    published August 14, 2001

    PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND—After spending six hours in relentless traffic in a car with an engine on the brink of overheating and... More >>

  • Dyke Debauchery

    published July 31, 2001

    SAN FRANCISCO—There are plenty of queer women who work as porn stars, strippers, and sex workers, but there are a lot fewer of us... More >>

  • Sex Outside the City

    published July 17, 2001

    UNIONVILLE, NEVADA—It's really a challenge for this city girl to leave the comforts of the Gap, Starbucks, and my DSL line to take a... More >>

  • Cruising for Girls

    published July 3, 2001

    I will never forget the first blowjob I ever gave: It was in the woods during the summer, and I was being mercilessly bitten by mosquitoes as I... More >>

  • Frosting Cake

    published June 19, 2001

    Some of my closest female friends are boy bonkers, and sometimes I feel sorry for them. It's hard to be straight these days. If I were a smart,... More >>

  • Agenda: Gender

    published June 5, 2001

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—Remember the days of "We're Here, We're Queer, Get Used to It"? As the co-chairs of propaganda for Queer Nation in... More >>

  • Porn Queens and Prom Kings

    published May 22, 2001

    The feminist pornographer in me is still giddy from my recent trip to Los Angeles. I didn't go there just to make the rounds of all the strip... More >>

  • Hollywood and Sunset Strippers

    published May 8, 2001

    LOS ANGELES—The Spearmint Rhino in downtown is an "upscale gentlemen's club," meaning it's $20 at the door for men (which I was happy... More >>

  • Plug Me, Jesus

    published April 10, 2001

    When I was eight years old, my devout grandmother gave me and my cousins the same gift for Easter: four shiny gold crosses dangling from four... More >>

  • Behind the Money Shot

    published March 27, 2001

    The Money Shot, a biweekly Internet television series from Carbon Based Films, follows the... More >>

  • Eminem Is My Bitch

    published March 13, 2001

    I don't know what it is about Los Angeles, but whenever I go there, strange desires surface. Maybe it's all those bright, sunny days with a thick... More >>

  • Porn, Chicken, and Boy Toys

    published February 27, 2001

    When I heard that some Yale students formed a group called Porn 'N Chicken to watch porn and eat chicken, I was immediately nostalgic for my... More >>

  • Panic in Pornville

    published February 13, 2001

    John Ashcroft loves pornography. Sometimes, when he's in the mood to be by himself, he'll rent Inner City Black Cheerleader Search and... More >>

  • There's No Place Like 'Oz'

    published January 30, 2001

    Lots of gay and lesbian viewers are wetting themselves over the new Showtime series Queer as Folk, which follows the lives of fags and... More >>

  • My Tantra Mantra

    published January 23, 2001

    At one of my sex workshops, I overheard a bright-eyed young guy, a dead ringer for Felicity star Scott Speedman, ask, "What's tantric... More >>

  • The Pain Game

    published January 2, 2001

    A carefully administered smack on a bare behind. A furrowed brow glistening with perspiration. A thick, raised welt and a rosy hue spreading... More >>

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