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  • Urban Buttgirl Meets Rural Right

    published December 19, 2006

    I grew up on Long Island and have lived in the city for 15 years. These days my partner and I split our time between Brooklyn and a small... More >>

  • Sexy Gift Guide: Part 2

    published December 5, 2006

    Not sure what to get all the naughty sluts on your holiday gift list this year? Not to worry. Between Rachel Bussel's " More >>

  • Sexual Guru

    published November 21, 2006

    Nina Hartley ( has had a lot of sex. At 47, she has been in the porn industry for 22 years and... More >>

  • Riding the Shortbus

    published November 7, 2006

    I wrote a column called "The XXX Files" in November 1999, which was a... More >>

  • Plug Me, Jesus

    published October 24, 2006

    Tristan is on vacation, so here's a freaky flashback from 2001. When I was eight years... More >>

  • Sex, Drugs, and Punk Rock Music

    published October 10, 2006

    Editor's note: Tristan Taormino is on vacation. Here's an oldie but goodie. Rob Rotten... More >>

  • Objects of Desire

    published September 26, 2006

    I just got back from sex camp (my nickname for the annual retreat I co-produce at a rural camp facility), and I've got sexual objectification on... More >>

  • Brooklyn Angel

    published September 12, 2006

    Editor’s note: Tristan is on vacation, so here’s a freaky flashback. "New York sex is just better than L.A. sex," says... More >>

  • Cheater Seeks Cheater

    published August 29, 2006

    "The site seemed simple and straight-forward . . . I knew that most members would be married. I prefer [to cheat with other married people]... More >>

  • The Slut Shot

    published August 15, 2006

    Conservatives are winning most of the battles over sex education. Abstinence-only programs have gained such a hold that I've lost hope of people... More >>

  • Lightning Rod, Part 2

    published August 1, 2006

    "Porn stars live in a totally different realm. [Average people] don't have the means or the opportunity to do any of the stuff I do," says the... More >>

  • Lightning Rod, Part 1

    published July 18, 2006

    Porn fans love to speculate, debate, and bicker on adult-industry message boards, and a favorite subject lately—one which has generated... More >>

  • DIY Sex Toys

    published July 4, 2006

    "How big a salami (or similar meat roll) can a woman fit in her vagina?" "I read that someone made a dildo for anal penetration using mashed... More >>

  • Sensitive Spots

    published June 20, 2006

    Anal Eze is my archnemesis. Superman has Lex Luthor, Spider-Man's got Venom, but my enemy number one comes in a tube and retails for less than 10... More >>

  • Political Smut Makers

    published June 6, 2006

    Last week, when I boarded a plane at Toronto Pearson International Airport to return to New York, nestled in my carry-on bag was a prized... More >>

  • Private Dick

    published May 23, 2006

    Tristan is on vacation. We reprint, here, a favorite column from December 2005. In September 2005, two students at the... More >>

  • The Pinky Swear

    published May 9, 2006

    Two years ago, I went to Hedonism III in Jamaica for Juli Ashton's Soul Days, a week's vacation with porn stars. Juli invited Florida-based band... More >>

  • Lexicon of Lust

    published April 25, 2006

    In college, my friend Audrey wrote her senior thesis about the clitoris—specifically about cultural representations of the clitoris in... More >>

  • Sex, Drugs, and Punk Rock Music

    published April 11, 2006

    Rob Rotten is nervous. Or is he excited? It's 10 in the morning, we're in the Metro Interactive booth at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las... More >>

  • Every Man's Fantasy?

    published March 28, 2006

    Delving into communities outside the mainstream, two new television shows tackle an unlikely group: polygamists. The actual definition of polygamy... More >>

  • Hello, Poly

    published March 14, 2006

    A few weeks ago I was at a party with some friends, and another friend, Jane (some of the subjects' names have been changed at their request),... More >>

  • Tomatoes Can Be Torture, Part 3

    published February 28, 2006

    On the surface, tomatoes can be torture. Especially when they're being hurled at you while you're tied up in front of an audience, as Femcar was... More >>

  • Tomatoes Can Be Torture, Part 2

    published February 14, 2006

    At the end of part 1, Femcar was wallowing and coming in a kiddie pool during a demonstration in her class called "Erotic Humiliation." I found... More >>

  • Tomatoes Can Be Torture, Part 1

    published January 31, 2006

    The first time I met Phantom and Femcar (not their real names), I was in the audience of their class at a BDSM event. I've been to hundreds of... More >>

  • Tool of the Patriarchy

    published January 17, 2006

    Just a few days after I returned from the Adult Video News Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) in Las Vegas, I was interviewed for a Canadian... More >>

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