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  • Warsaw Bridge's Mysteries Remain

    published June 10, 2008

    The frizzy perms permanently time-stamp Warsaw Bridge as a product of 1990; otherwise, the years have done little to clear up its... More >>

  • To the Limit: Cheerfully Lunatic

    published June 10, 2008

    As Pepe Danquart's cheerfully lunatic To the Limit begins, a camera takes in the majestic expanse of Yosemite National Park, gently... More >>

  • Blue Planet: Leisurely Abstractions

    published June 3, 2008

    On its 25th anniversary, Franco Piavoli's Blue Planet remains a one-of-a-kind nature documentary: While Planet Earth and its ilk... More >>

  • French Shorts Fall Short

    published May 27, 2008

    Seven short films ranging from 1999 to the present, "L'origine de la tendresse" and Other Tales is the eighth annual ad hoc compendium from... More >>

  • The Memory Thief: The Least Sentimental Holocaust Film Ever

    published May 6, 2008

    Lukas (Mark Webber) is the worst tollbooth worker in all of California, chain-smoking and holding up traffic by rescuing stray dogs. One day, a... More >>

  • The Favor: Unconscious Parody and Nothing Else

    published April 29, 2008

    As an unconscious parody of everything that's wrong with Indiewood, Eva Aridjis's The Favor is brilliant. Otherwise, it's an unwatchable... More >>

  • Viva: The Far From Heaven of Sexploitation

    published April 29, 2008

    Viva does for late-'60s/early-'70s sexploitation what Far From Heaven did for Douglas Sirk, only without the subversion.... More >>

  • Without the King at Quad

    published April 22, 2008

    A cut above the average Quad-bound video agit-prop doc, Michael Skolnik's Without the King succeeds mostly through negative virtues.... More >>

  • An Interview With John Gianvito

    published April 22, 2008

    In a world of cheap and shoddy political documentaries whose talking points are talk-radio simple, John Gianvito's second film, Profit... More >>

  • Glass, Shattered

    published April 15, 2008

    Scott Hicks's documentary portrait of Philip Glass opens with an attempt to summon a little of Koyaanisqatsi's bravado: As Glass's... More >>

  • Ben Stein, Propagandist, in Expelled

    published April 15, 2008

    Ben Stein became a minor cultural icon with Ferris Bueller's Day Off, almost making people forget that, from his early days as a Nixon... More >>

  • Hats Off

    published March 25, 2008

    You may not know Mimi Weddell's name, but you probably know her face: As Jyll Johnstone's documentary shows, the pool of agile 93-year-old... More >>

  • Priceless

    published March 25, 2008

    Priceless begins as standard, unconvincing, assembly-line French farce and ends as a cop-out, feel-good rom-com. In between, it develops... More >>

  • Girls Rock!

    published March 4, 2008

    Palace—age 7—unleashes a blood-curdling scream Poly Styrene would be proud of, then smiles demurely. So it goes at the Rock 'n'... More >>

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