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  • Thievery Corporation

    published December 18, 2013

    Exotic elements blended into loping electronic music has been Thievery Corporation's trademark for the past fifteen years. Their 2011 album... More >>

  • Queens of the Stone Age

    published December 11, 2013

    It's not quite that calling them "stoner rock" is misguided or somehow objectionable — this is, after all, a band whose breakthrough single... More >>

  • My Bloody Valentine

    published November 6, 2013

    Despite their reputation for crushingly loud concerts, My Bloody Valentine can be surprisingly understated on wax—creative lead Kevin Shields... More >>

  • 'The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses'

    published October 30, 2013

    Theater at Madison Square Garden: Stop it already with your ironic enjoyment of the theme from Super Mario Brothers—that's actually a... More >>

  • Chris Thile

    published October 16, 2013

    Last year, mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile won a MacArthur fellowship for his ongoing attempts to fuse bluegrass with classical music. If you aren't... More >>

  • Massive Attack

    published September 25, 2013

    This unusual collaboration with the award-winning documentary filmmaker has the trip-hop icons performing while the audience is enveloped in... More >>

  • Steely Dan

    published September 25, 2013

    You can usually find these poster boys of jazz-rock right around the intersection of yacht-rock and prog, with grooves worthy of the Doobie... More >>

  • Atoms for Peace

    published September 18, 2013

    It seems nobody else has the guts to say what we're all thinking, so here we go: Amok, the debut album by Thom Yorke's new supergroup side... More >>

  • Pet Shop Boys

    published September 11, 2013

    The most interesting aspect of Swedish House Mafia's massive 2012 club hit "Don't You Worry Child" was the tune’s emotionally and... More >>

  • Pixies

    published September 11, 2013

    Don't you dare reduce the most important prototype for Seattle grunge to "Where Is My Mind" and inspiring Kurt Cobain to include a few dramatic... More >>

  • Chick Corea

    published September 11, 2013

    Corea's mastery of his piano is still exquisite, particularly in sedate contexts like solo performances and duo work with vibraphone player Gary... More >>

  • Passion Pit+Best Coast

    published September 4, 2013

    Even though Manners once steamrolled every other dance-friendly indie-pop record on the market, moving to Columbia Records means... More >>

  • Kaki King

    published April 24, 2013

    On her 2003 debut, Everybody Loves You, acoustic guitar virtuoso Kaki King focused on her idiosyncratic technique, flying solo and playing... More >>

  • Bonobo+Shigeto+Nickodemus

    published April 10, 2013

    Ever since his wonderful debut, Animal Magic, DJ and producer Simon Green has been one of Britain's foremost publishers of mesmerizingly... More >>

  • Booka Shade

    published March 13, 2013

    Commercial appeal notwithstanding, this house duo works best when they get weird, layering aggressively filtered quacks and chirps over beats that... More >>

  • Deftones

    published March 6, 2013

    Even without considering the 2009 car crash that left founding bassist Chi Cheng comatose, we'd still have to call Deftones the greatest survivors... More >>

  • Deftones

    published March 6, 2013

    Even without considering the 2009 car crash that left founding bassist Chi Cheng comatose, we'd still have to call Deftones the greatest survivors... More >>

  • Sigur Rós

    published March 6, 2013

    On last year's Valtari, Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi Birgisson nervously waved his falsetto in front of molten strings,... More >>

  • Meshuggah

    published February 13, 2013

    If you're still bummed out about spending Valentine's Day alone, you'll find no better Lonely Hearts Club Band than these Scandinavian gods of... More >>

  • 'Mr. Saturday Night' w/ Falty DL

    published January 30, 2013

    By now you've probably already heard the acclaim for Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin's Mister Saturday Night parties, but the cherry on top for... More >>

  • Keane

    published January 30, 2013

    Let's stop just short of calling these guys the thinking man's Coldplay, because no matter how you slice it, that's still going to be an oxymoron.... More >>

  • Mumford and Sons

    published January 30, 2013

    Last year their exquisite Babel received as healthy a reception as could reasonably be expected, but don't be fooled by the fact that... More >>

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