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2001 Stories by Vince Aletti

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  • Photo Shop

    published December 4, 2001

    Giving photo books as presents is always a little tricky, trickier on the holidays when something too weighty or somber seems a bit out of place.... More >>

  • Boy’s Life

    published November 27, 2001

    Collier Schorr is one of the few photographers included in the 2002 Whitney Biennial (among the others: Janine Gordon, Vera Lutter, Ari... More >>

  • Site Specific

    published November 6, 2001

    On September 11, Joel Meyerowitz was doing what he's most famous for: photographing the bay, sky, and brilliant morning light of Cape Cod.... More >>

  • Start Making Sense

    published October 9, 2001

    In the wake of the attack on the World Trade Center, speculation about how artists will absorb or deflect the blow is much in the air. Will... More >>

  • Photo Realism

    published September 18, 2001

    In one color photograph, a man is falling down the side of a building, his body splayed and twisted in midair. In another, a sooty cloud explodes... More >>

  • Skin Clicks

    published September 4, 2001

    It's always a bit risky, so early in the fall, to attempt anything but the most general assessment of the months ahead. But judging by the number... More >>

  • Show World

    published August 14, 2001

    The "M.I.L.K." show that's just about to vacate Grand Central Station's Vanderbilt Hall for London's Science Museum leaves behind three handsome... More >>

  • Art and Commerce

    published July 3, 2001

    Jeff Wall, Vik Muniz, Rineke Dijkstra, Paul Graham, Richard Billingham, Luis Gonzalez Palma, Massimo Vitali. The list of established photographers... More >>

  • Family Matters

    published June 5, 2001

    Beginning in 1979 with a chance meeting outside a ramshackle house not far from Athens, Georgia, and continuing in a series of visits over the... More >>

  • Fresh Start

    published May 22, 2001

    As the school year drags to a close, shows of work by students just nailing down their B.F.A. and M.F.A. degrees are cropping up all over town.... More >>

  • Wet Dreams

    published May 1, 2001

    Robert Flynt's first New York solo show in four years could not be better timed. It coincides with, and neatly complements, David Deitcher's... More >>

  • Between Friends

    published April 17, 2001

    The photographic evidence is utterly convincing: Men hugged, nuzzled, embraced, held hands, entwined legs, sat in each other's laps, gazed into... More >>

  • The Big Picture

    published April 3, 2001

    Size—as any visitor to the Museum of Modern Art's terrific Andreas Gursky exhibition will tell you—matters. The monumental scale of... More >>

  • Body and Soul

    published March 6, 2001

    "I gotta world I'm making in my own image." Ntozake Shange's words, printed billboard-big on a room-divider panel just beyond this show's first... More >>

  • Perpetual Motion

    published February 27, 2001

    January and February, those awkward months between the fall season's rush of hot openings and spring's gradually renewed heat, have traditionally... More >>

  • Lust for Life

    published February 13, 2001

    Dave Heath's A Dialogue With Solitude, first published in 1965 and just reissued in a somewhat larger format by Lumiere Press ($50), is a... More >>

  • Picture Perfect

    published January 30, 2001

    The economy might be sliding, but photography—as a medium and a market—has never looked so strong or been so optimistic. With an... More >>

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