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  • 14 years ago

    Don’t ask, don’t tell—but honey, do dive, with legs akimbo, on Man-Driller (Pacific Sun Entertainment, Inc.)! The subtitled "film by Csaba Borbely" has a batallion of flesh-torpedo-packing soldiers continually peeling off their fati...

  • 15 years ago

    Since porn is all about acting out deep, dark sexual fantasies, it's hard to come down on it for not being p.c. enough. ("That rape sequence was totally hot—but so very wrong, by the way!") But barebacking videos bring up different issues. Wh...

  • 15 years ago

    "Men are pigs"—the kicky little motto of MSR Videos—is treated like a divine utterance in White Trash, a rollicking roll in the mud in which the guys not only bring home the bacon, but service it too. No, there's no actual bestiality inv...

  • 15 years ago

    If the only gay Germans you've ever seen are the hotsy-totsy Nazis in The Producers, you need to go out more. Or maybe stay home more and take a look at Among Men, a/k/a Unter Männern (All Worlds Video), the German porno flick that's every bi...

  • 15 years ago

    Blond, spunky Jeremy Jordan is a true giver—he can do just about anything and make it look like he's having a zippy time, like ramming a giant dildo up his butt and then bouncing up and down on it as if it were Christmas. In Straight Bodybuil...

  • 15 years ago

    Sex is so much more captivating when it's rooted in some specific context—a UPS man asking you to sign for a large package, a street vendor peddling a giant gyro, or maybe a construction worker offering some quality time with his special priv...


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