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1999 Stories by Yael Schacher

Archives: 1999
  • Floral Pattern

    published November 2, 1999

    Women is the soppy French-language version of Steel Magnolias, featuring five middle-aged femmes-one dying, all longing-and a beauty parlor. With... More >>

  • Iris Blond

    published May 11, 1999

    Cross Phil Collins, Paul Shaffer, and a heavy Italian accent, and you get Romeo Spera, a balding, buzzed, bespectacled musician, playing... More >>

  • Paulina

    published March 30, 1999

    Forty years after escaping the sexual abuse of the local landowner and the disdain of her community, Paulina Cruz Suarez, a middle-aged Mexican... More >>

  • The People Kazan Named

    published March 16, 1999

    Phoebe Brand Joined the Group Theatre in 1931, where she worked with Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, and Morris Carnovsky, whom she... More >>

Archives: 1999