• @Zachats
    5 December, 2016

    @drink_smith I hope you ate it aggressively as well, soy sauce all over the table.

  • @Zachats
    5 December, 2016

    #shroom cured Gwaun Valley trout, Sunken Hundred https://t.co/sjUvgWxC8t

  • @Zachats
    5 December, 2016

    RT @villagevoice: Preventing Another Oakland Warehouse Tragedy Means Supporting Artists, Not Punishing Them https://t.co/HVcA4Cvx6G https:…

  • @Zachats
    5 December, 2016

    Carne adovada for president

  • @Zachats
    5 December, 2016

    RT @villagevoice: If Spongebob had appeared on Adult Swim instead of Nickelodeon, this is where he would've come to get shitfaced. https://…


Zachary Feldman


Bronx-born Zachary Feldman is the Village Voice’s restaurant critic. He enjoys wearing a bib even when it’s not required. And no, that’s not some Freudian thing. Follow him on Instagram, too. He's at @zachats.

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    The kitchen had just closed when Illtyd Barrett burst into song, sandwiched between two patrons at the end of Sunken Hundred's long hemlock bar. Earlier in the evening he'd been chatting up tables, walking off with people's plates — according to o...

  • 14 days ago | French

    Some restaurants go to great lengths to wow with their first impressions. The kitchen might fashion intricate miniature compositions for amuse-bouches, or flaunt their bread-baking prowess via a full-on gluten assault. King, the cheery downtown no...

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    One cool and breezy October evening beneath the crabapple tree that dominates Faun's back garden, the wind blew so forcefully that leaves shook free from their branches, threatening diners' plates below. Hair flapping, a man resolutely thrust his ...

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    Like life, the food at Atoboy comes at you fast. New dishes land while others are still being eaten, until plates crowd nearly every table. This isn't some flaw in the system; nor is it the sign of an impatient or hyperactive chef. The brisk pacin...

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    Most restaurant meals don't come soundtracked by Khia's 2002 oral sex anthem, "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)." Then again, most places aren't rambunctious Greenpoint diner Hail Mary, whose plucky wife-and-husband team of Sohla and Hisham El-Waylly al...

  • 1 month ago | Comfort Food

    They're ugly things, the fried chicken roulades at Sunnyside Moldovan restaurant Boon by Moldova. And when plunked down next to colorful grilled vegetables and lush heaps of buttery mashed potatoes, the breadcrumb-coated torpedoes look even less i...


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