Best Air-Conditioned Venue for Free Reality-Based Entertainment (2008)

New York State Criminal Court House

For a fine, wholesome day of reality-based entertainment, I turn my television off and head downtown to the NEW YORK STATE CRIMINAL COURT HOUSE. There\'s 17 floors, and bound to be a thriller somewhere. Rape, murder, crack whores, theft, Puffy . . . it\'s all here. Don\'t be bashful—these courts are yours (air-conditioned too), so come when you want—there\'s always a good seat. Notice how many incompetent lawyers and patronizing judges we have. Watch a witness sweat it out on the stand and beleaguered family members really cry. Popcorn is permitted. No cases from noon to 1. To volunteer for jury duty, see fifth floor.

Location Details

100 Centre St.
New York NY 10013


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